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(October 2001 to April 2002)



1. October and November 2001: - Creation of a forum where adoptive families in Romania could convey those concerns calmly, initiatives, etc, in the difficult time living (http://grupos.eresmas.com/lista/adprumania) Collection Signature families in a meeting in Madrid. Filed with the Spanish government and Romanian president in his visit to Spain. - USA brings $ 15 million for child protection programs with a duration of 5 years (helps legislative development together with UNICEF and EU. - Maintain the idea of EU support to the Romanian decision. - Gil-Robles boss a harsh letter to the Romanian prime minister in defense of adoptions. - Families send press releases to media, Spanish and European institutions and politicians to denounce the situation. - In Romania are news that 50 children have been illegally adopted by Italy, Spain and USA however nothing more alleges post-adoptive reports out of time (opiniión generate flows). - Support Associations Cora with letters to the government. - Cora-Madrid sends letter to the socialist group .- The responses of many of the institutions ( government, ombudsman for children, and so on.) is throwing the ball away: it is a matter of Romania with EU support but argue that the EU urged to expedite the paperwork. --

2. Diciembre/2001: - is authorized to initiate a second dossier in Madrid. - In Romanian press say the pressure from France, USA and Israel to lift the moratorium. - On the occasion of the journey is unlocks Aznar on December 22 families who had a court order in the absence of the certificate of compliance to complete the adoption, some families are already carrying almost a month in Romania to accompany their children. - It establishes that there may be exceptionally adoptions in the best interests of the child but there are a score of families with no allowance that thrives his file. - Romanian press charges of intoxication with Israel in search of children for organ trafficking. - Senator Immaculate Loroño (Basque nationalists) asked the Minister AASS on performances in the moratorium. --

3. Enero/2002: - circulated a draft of the new law protecting minors. - However there was no substantial progress .- The families continue writing and lobbying on their means, is observed in many "burnt". - The spirit of the new law is rational implementation of the Hague Convention.

4. Febrero/2002: - Adecop, throughout its network, began a collection of signatures in all of Spain to which we also distributed. - In Congress, the Secretary of State responds to Pigem i Palmas, Mercedes (GC-CiU) on the actions of the government with the same response that the minister to Senator Loroño in December.

5. Marzo/2002: - Gil-Robles asked the European Commissioner for Enlargement (Verheugen) on the reasons for not addressing this issue in the commission's March 11 in Brussels by responding that the EU supported the moratorium by the allegations of organ trafficking and of children for sexual purposes wondering why the law passed by the government is not thrown to the Romanian parliament. - We continue to insist press on the situation. - Asked by Gil-Robles, Ramon de Miguel (Secretary of State EU) Council on measures to expedite the review of files and protect the rights of families; responds that the moratorium will remain until the legislation is ready and administrative capacity but to pressure from Gil-Robles responded again that they will continue to act to resolve the situation. - Gil-Robles again on another occasion to ask the Commission to respond in the same sense that the change is total, including structures and therefore not completed until it does not lift the moratorium (specifies that there may be exceptionally adoptions). Gil-Robles reported that the Foreign Minister of Romania has obtained security that would be activated pending cases. There has been a substantial change in the attitude of our politicians. - In light of those answers back to ask if they know of cases of sexual abuse or trafficking in organs, and what has been done in this regard, and on the mortality rate of children in orphanages (15,700 in last year 50,000 institutionalized). - The Romanian press announcing improvements in children: there are very few institutionalized children, family protection, increase of 50% of domestic adoptions. - New Spanish families travel to Brussels accompanied by Senator Macias (PP) talks with Vice-President of the European Parliament blocks Vidal, Baroness Nicholson, MEP Jose Ignacio Salafranca (Vice-Chairman of Committee on New Additions), Encarna Redondo MEP, MEP Gil-Robles ,

6. Abril/2002: - Romanian Press announced that a report recommends that the Romanian government not to lift the moratorium until the necessary conditions, the government has received multiple pressures for the lifting of the ban, a report was prepared by an independent group that analyzes the system of adoptions in addition to recommending legislative change to change the Authority for the Protection of Children and the Romanian Committee for Adoptions as well as staff training and public. Eneko Landaburu reportedly is ready the new draft legislation, and Romania has begun to set up administrative structures to have the full support of the European Commission. - Financial Time reported that Romania will not lifting the moratorium might be prevented to enter NATO. - There are more questions to answer in the Council of Miguel in the same sense that the answers to Gil-Robles, speaking Díez González (PSE) affecting 19 children assigned to the Americans in February following a visit by the prime minister to the U.S., accusing of carelessness on our politicians and to the proper pressure with a possibility of the exceptional nature exists for at least 17 families assigned (to be undertaken ensures that if there is a need for new efforts will make "even himself") asking to pressure from other politicians a margin for the Romanian government can complete the reform. - Rosa Diez demands to the EU Council to put pressure on Romania to resolve outstanding cases and asked Aznar to become involved as an example by putting the U.S. administration with its 19 assignments. The Romanian press continues to claim that the moratorium could continue for at least a year, the report proposes that in November 2002 the moratorium on adoptions is prolonged by one year to complete the legislative framework on international adoption while acknowledging that the pressure are very strong. Unspecified country argue that the volume of new applications for adoption are the commercial nature of organized system (170 U.S., 86 for Spain, 27 for France, 15 for Italy, 14 for Switzerland, 11 for Israel, 4 Andorra, Belgium 1, 11 for Canada, Cyprus 4, 5 for Germany, 5 for Greece, 1 Ireland, 2-for Great Britain, Holland 1, 1 for Slovakia on January 1 for Turkey).


  After the presentation in Brussels of the access plan of Romania into NATO, planned for the Prague Summit in November 2002. This is an excerpt from what has been said:
"The member countries do not always have similar views, particularly in regard to the issue of international adoptions, but the government will also raise a strategy on international adoptions which will be satisfactory to all parties involved" to declared Nastase.



In short: the politicians are beginning to tire of the pressures and the reasons that we have, however, there are so many intersecting interests: Romanian press, countries, entry into EU, NATO entry, which gives the impression that they do not know what to stick stay .

On 15 and 16 have met in Brussels to discuss the entry but so far has not transcended anything meaningful. It seems that aim to take your time.

2002 Jan 1