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Indian adoption scandal referred to CMC


15 October 2008
Jann Stuckey MP
The Bligh government’s failure to act on the serious issue of child trafficking and suspect adoptions from India have left the LNP no choice but to refer the matter to the Crime and Misconduct Commission.
LNP Child Safety spokeswoman Jann Stuckey said the Bligh government and the Minister were ignoring the issue of illegal Indian adoptions occurring under its watch in the hope the issue would disappear.
"I’ve been informed the family who adopted the child at the centre of the scandal has not yet received any counselling or support from the Bligh government nor offered any legal support," Ms Stuckey said.
"I was truly shocked to read that warnings about the Malaysian Social Services had almost certainly not been acted upon.
"Adding to my concerns was the less than adequate response from the Minister who could only say that a lack of recorded data was a mystery.
"It’s way more than a mystery. It is sounding more like a grim secret. 
"Documented evidence of actions of the then Department of Families and now Child Safety have either gone missing or not been acted on, which may amount to illegal activity within the Department.
"What is clear however is the fact the Minister for Child Safety is either unwilling or incapable of effectively handling this matter.
"Today I have written to the CMC to take over the investigation into this Government’s handling of the matter and to ascertain if there has been interference with public documents.
"Under this Labor Government, despite warnings, the department continued to send prospective parent details to and receive files from India"
"Considering there were children involved I have asked the CMC to investigate whether any official misconduct took place on behalf of the Queensland Government."

2008 Oct 15