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Irish Tristan team fails to get answers


Irish Tristan team fails to get answers


GOVERNMENT lawyers sent to sort out the fate of tragic Tristan Dowse have come home - but the abandoned tot is STILL alone in Indonesia.

The Irish Sunday Mirror revealed Tristan had been uprooted AGAIN and sent to a state-run orphanage in Jakarta.

And he is still there, languishing alone and waiting to see if he will ever find a loving home.

A three-man team, sent to Indonesia by the Department of Foreign Affairs, made efforts to resolve the case of the dumped toddler. But this week they returned to Ireland with no real answers as to what will happen to Tristan.

A spokesman for the DFA said last night: "We are still working closely with the authorities in Indonesia and with the Adoption Board to try and find the right solution for Tristan.

"Obviously we have the child's best interests at heart and we want to do whatever is best for him." But the spokesman did not know how little Tristan was coping in his new environment.

He said: "It wasn't our decision to remove Tristan from the orphanage - that's the jurisdiction of the Indonesian authorities.

"I don't have a view one way or the other whether Tristan is better off where he is now.

"The legal team returned to Ireland during the week. We just want to make sure that any moves made are in the best interest of the child.

"We are working closely with the Adoption Board to ensure the best outcome."

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2005 May 22