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Changing Agencies


Friday, June 27, 2008

Changing agencies

We are changing agencies. Dove Adoption Agency, will allow us to adopt two children through them, for which we are thankful. Most likely, we will be able to adopt Rebka, the first girl that we were matched with. Samrawhit and Surafil cannot be transfered to Dove. When we are further in the paperwork, we will be matched with a little boy. Another plus, besides being able to adopt two instead of one, is that we will be working with only one agency from now on instead of two that are trying to mesh. All of the people in Dove are Christions with our family's same belifs and values! Unless something surprising comes up, our paperwork will be moving along rapidly now!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Our answer!

We had our first garage sale. It went well & we sold quite a few things. We will be holding another one in late June or early July. If you have anything to donate, please email us. ruselers@roadrunner.com

Since we are working with agencies that are newly meshing, things are not moving as smoothly as they could be. Things like "allowing" us to adopt three children. A social worker on our case who is the "final" authority on deciding how many children we can adopt, is not supportive of it. Mom had a conference call with five ladies, one from AWOP & three from Children's House (our adoption agency). We were supposed to get our reply last Thursday, but when Mom talked to one of the ladies, after the conference call, we found out that they were going to bring two more social workers into our case & see what they thought. We learned that one of the social workers had concern over our ownership of guns & use of Corporal Punishment. Then on Wednesday we got our final answer-one child!!! :-( We were shocked to say the least! We thought this was a question of two or three children not one! Mom called Michelle from AWOP and she was surprised as well. Even though she was part of the conference call, she thought that it was a question of two or three children as well. She is calling some other agencies to see if they will take our case. Children's House is not a Christion agency as their desision confirmed. Their "complaints" about our family were that our house was too small (some Ehiopian children only have a small spot on a floor to sleep on & roam the streets during the day looking for food) and that our income is not enough although we meet the US government standards for three. As a side note- Michelle was over in Ethiopia recently she ended up intervieweing 150 more kids, even though she wasn't over there for that paticular reason. Several babies and young children were dropped off by their crying mothers to be cared for at their orphanage. One father, whose wife had died recently, brought his five children, the youngest was a year old, & dropped them off after kissing the baby over and over & begged Michelle to promise him that they would find a Christion family for his children. The poverty is more than Americans can even fathom! So, we are not sure what we are going to do about their answer, we all feel strongly that we are not going to accept their answer due to the reasons that they gave.
2008 Jun 27