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Record Breaking Waiting Time For Adoption


Record Breaking Waiting Time For Adoption

The room for the adopted child is already decorated and there is seldom a day, without Sophia and Sören Södö is feeling the desire to be parents.
    They began to wait for a child from Thailand and were told it would take maximum one year. That felt the promising. All that happened 17 months ago. And they are told that it can take more than two years. But they dare not hope for to much.
    “It is certainly take a lot of patience", says Sophia.
    “Worst is the feeling of not knowing anything”.
    “First the waiting time was less than a year, and then they extended it several times. Now we have a view to have a child next spring, but we have learned not to hope too much”, says Sören.
Longing for a child makes itself felt daily.
    “There is barely a day that I do not surf the discussion forum for families in the same situation as we are”, says Sophia.
And Sophia and Søren are not alone. There are plenty of similar families. Interest in adoption is increasing throughout the Western world. More and more people are waiting.
    At the same time, the number of international adoptions is fewer. As the economy in the typical adoption countries improves, the authorities have greater opportunity to focus primarily on helping the biological parents to take care of the child. If that is not possible, den they turn to the adoption solution. And only in the third hand, the international adoption is considered.
    The total number of adopted children coming to Finland has fallen from 308 in 2005, to 218 in 2006 to 176 in 2007. And the trend looks set to continue.
    On Social Affairs and Health in Finland they regret this situation.
    “At the same time, we must see it as a positive thing that the adoptions countries have better resources to take care of the children, says Jonna Salmela, Senior Adviser on adoption council governed by the ministry.

Created 2008-08-15
Original news source: http://www.vasabladet.fi/story.aspx?storyID=25239

2008 Aug 15