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Colombian orphans visit western New York

Colombian orphans visit western New York

Updated: July 17, 2008 04:12 PM

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Colombian orphans visit western New York

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) - - It was anything but your typical
backyard picnic tonight in Orchard Park. Fourteen orphans, all the way
from Bogota, Colombia, spent the night getting to know the families
who may soon welcome them into their homes for good. A language
barrier isn't stopping these families from forming a special bond.

Viviana Marquez likes to spend time with her friends and have fun.
Many of the 14 orphans from Bogota, Colombia don't speak English. But
they would still like to make Western New York their new home.

Baker Victory Services organized this picnic for the eight local
families looking to adopt an older child. The orphans used one of
their favorite hobbies to bond with their host families. They will
spend the next 3 weeks getting to know one another.

These orphans are between 8 and 13-years-old. David Weeks and his wife
have two staying with them.

Some of the families here tried to adopt in the U.S at first. They
turned to adoption agencies outside the U.S. after heartbreaking

Story by Tricia Cruz (WIVB)

2008 Jul 17