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Semillas de Amor — Raid #2

Dear friends and family,
Semillas de Amor, the Hogar where our children are staying, was raided by the Guatemalan PGN again today.  They attempted to seize all of the children but failed
We received this frightening email from Nancy’s assistant at Semillas de Amor regarding the second raid on our children’s home this week:

So sad to say that I wish the stupid people from this goverment and the stupid people from PGN could understand the REALITY of what we do with our children, we have been treated like criminals and our children have been treated like worms………….today we had another raid and they had an order to take all of them again, but Mrs Nancy did not let them do so….
This week has been awful and I am wishing we can win this battle, trying to find all the birth mothers have been a nightmare and now they want to tranfer all our children………… I wonder if they will find a better place like Semillas…. I have a broken heart just to think that we could lose our babies, Mrs. Nancy will do ALL her best……………I KNOW THAT..
Please take the time to read this.  If you have a media and/or political contact to help shed some truth and light on what is happening, we need your help NOW!  Our children and all of the children at Semillas are in danger.  

Much love and gratitude,

Gary and Ellora
2008 May 14