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$30 A Month- Just Think About It Please


$30 A Month- Just Think About It Please

So I wanted to post Bettina's blog for everyone. Bettina is an American woman who has been living in Addis since January. She works for an NGO, not sure exactly what she does but from reading it sounds like she works to improve conditions for children and helps children in need in Addis. She also volunteers at Kechene Children's Orphanage several times a week. I have not yet met Bettina but I admire her so so much and wish I could do the things she does for "our children". For all of you adopting I really encourage you to take the time to read her blog and journal entries, she is able to describe life in Ethiopia in a way that is much more real and is far less sugar-coated than we normally hear. Some of the things are hard to read but it's the realty for many children in Ethiopia.

So this is where I need your help. Below you will find 2 posts from Bettina's blog about three orphaned girls. Bettina explains everything below. She found a sponsor for the 6 year of little girl named Beamluk, Geert and I will be sponsoring the 16 year old girl named Yordanos and I told Bettina I will find her a sponsor for the 3yr old little girl named Maryawit. What I ask you to consider is $30 a month to give this little girl a chance at life. What's $30 a month? It's a dinner with my husband, it's a gym membership I don't use (but should :)), it's a night at the movies with some popcorn, It's The Ability To Give This Little Girl A Chance! The cost is $30 per month per child and please remember that includes everything, from clothes, private school, food, and medical care. It takes so little money to supply these children with a great future. Please if you are interested in sponsoring a child I will give you further information about the organization which is US-based and tax-deductible! Please think about it and if you are able to help please email me wewillbringthemhome@gmail.com or Bettina bettinakeppers@hotmail.com.

The organization that runs this program is Human Capital Foundation.

2007 Oct 6