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We're Halfway Through and Having Fun


After leaving the embassy we headed to Enat Alem which is one of the government run orphanages that children come from to Hannah’s Hope. We visited with the children there and were treated to an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. By now it was quite late in day and we headed back to the Hotel after dropping one family off at the Sheraton. Traffic was incredibly bad and we got to point were we couldn’t get anywhere, so we backtracked and went around the other side of town. By the time we got back to the hotel (way past dinner time) everyone was burnt out by the long day and diesel fumes from traffic. Suzi went up to bed with Grace and I went down and had a late dinner with the other families. Grace had a good night and fed at 1 AM and then not again until 6 AM. Tuesday morning We slept in and it was probably the best night of sleep yet. We were scheduled to meet with Grace’s birth mother later in the day. It was a late running morning and we went to the orphanage and hung out until we could go to lunch. We stopped by the Sheraton to pick up a family at 1 PM and then went to lunch while Almaz went back to the embassy to get all the final Visa documents. We ended up staying at the restaurant for several hours as Almaz was delayed at the embassy. By the time she arrived back we were late for the meeting with Grace’s birth mother, so she arranged an alternate meeting location. Meeting Grace’s birth mother was difficult to do and she wept when she saw Grace again. Almaz translated for us and she received a letter and photo album from us. As difficult as this was we knew it was important for us, Grace and her mother. We were able to take some picture with her as well. After the meeting we all headed back to the hotel


2007 Aug 21