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A Miraculous Makeover


We'd had lots of experience building Hannah's Hope in Bulgaria and Romania as well as Guatemala so our dream team was really up to the task! The team remodeled five toddler/baby bedrooms, along with three bathrooms, a living and kitchen area. Everything from bedding, curtains, crib sets, and pots and pans had to be carried into Ethiopia, along with toys, children's clothing, towels, infant carriers, swings and mobiles. It was truly a labor of love. The additional shipping costs alone, just to get everything needed into the country cost almost $2500.00.

The team took twenty-six 50-70lb bags with them. Every bag arrived safe and intact. Not one was lost!!! Creativity and care flowed almost around the clock, as rooms that sat empty and cold were miraculously transformed into a warm inviting home filled with love! The big reveal came five days later when our first nine children arrived and were greeted by our paint spattered design team. Children who had nothing were held in hope's embrace, joyfully welcomed into the home that love built! There was no one there to shout "Move That Bus!" but everyone present knew that God had moved a mountain to bring about the seemingly impossible!

There was no one near by available to blow a horn like Ty Pennington! Yet our incredible team heard something so much sweeter, the joyful laughter of Ethiopia's orphaned children as they received the very best we could give. A miraculous makeover had taken place, sent from God's heart to each of the children He knew by name.

If you would like to be a part of our first Ethiopian Hannah's Hope children's home you too can embrace the children by sharing your own special gift of love. Your support will help us cover our initial costs it took to put together our children's home. Remember, somewhere today orphan hands offer the world their tiny broken hearts, asking that we might stop long enough to make a difference in their lives.