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Adoption Interest on the Rise as Spring Unfolds


Adoption Interest on the Rise as Spring Unfolds; Families Thru International Adoption Reports Growing Interest

EVANSVILLE, Ind. -- While most of us are in the throes of spring cleaning or trying in vain to keep up with resolutions made a few months ago, many families are pursuing another promise by beginning their quest to either start a family or enlarge it through adoption. "Interest in international adoption rises dramatically when springtime begins," says Keith Wallace, Executive Director of Families Thru International Adoption, headquartered in Evansville, Indiana.

Wallace attributes the spike of interest to a time of re-birth and growth. "After the holidays and related distractions are over and warmer weather arrives, people often become more reflective," Wallace says. "It seems to be a time more people think about children. As a result, we see an increased request for information and an increase in attendance at our informational seminars. The number of applications increases significantly in the springtime each year."

In fact, FTIA is reporting interested families have increased early this year compared with 2005. Team leaders for several programs, including China, Guatemala, Vietnam, and other countries report a significant increase in early 2006 requests compared to last year. The contact is initiated through calling the FTIA office, visiting the FTIA website, or attending an informational seminar that is designed to answer frequently asked questions potential parents may have about international adoption. "We have seen a definite increase in inquiries and applications for adopting this spring," Tina Ji, Assistant Director and Director of International Adoption Programs reports.

For families considering international adoption, finding a legitimate agency with proper accreditation and integrity is key. FTIA's Wallace has seen a significant percentage of adoptive parents often begin the adoption process wounded or hurt because of infertility issues, maybe a failed domestic adoption, or other reasons. These hopeful parents become easy targets. "Do your homework," he says. "Talk to as many families as you can. Even though it is an emotional journey, do not start emotionally. Get your facts straight and understand that adoption has a business aspect. We cannot stress enough that adopting parents need to engage an agency with qualified people who travel extensively to these countries and know the laws."

Word of mouth has helped spread the news about FTIA to interested families in Evansville and beyond. Because Wallace and his staff conduct regular informational seminars in Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, and parts of New York and New Jersey, they routinely answer questions from prospective parents and introduce them to families who have recently adopted. When parents are properly prepared, Wallace advises, adoption can be a great option for everyone involved.

For more information log onto: http://www.ftia.org

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2006 Mar 27