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Judge Cheryl Allen's race and faith take judge to the GOP in run for Superior Court


Judge Cheryl Allen's race and faith take judge to the GOP in run for Superior Court

From the Philadelphia Tribune, some background on Judge Allen.

After 17 years on the bench in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, Cheryl L. Allen is ready to make the jump to Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Although Allen received approximately 415,000 votes in the primary election winning all except five counties, the road that she has traveled thus far has been anything but easy.

Given the laundry list of accomplishments that Allen has accrued over the years, coupled with over a decade of presiding over cases in the Alleghany County Court of Common Pleas Family Division specifically in the Juvenile Section, she feels she is the most qualified candidate to occupy a seat on the bench.

Recently Allen, who formerly was a Democrat, made the switch to the Republican Party because of what she calls “a difference in principles.”


Lets tell the truth Cherly Allen, the only reason you jump shipped to the Republican Party is becasue you could not elected on the Democratic ticket and your reason is simple, personal and not in the best intertest of the citizens of PA>and oh yes, your big EGO!!

Ridiculous slander

Judge Allen ran in the primary without the support of the Republican Party and she was the top vote getter. Clearly, she resonates as a candidate with the people of Pennsylvania. That is what representative democracy is all about and all the unfounded personal attacks against her will not change that and will not stop her from being elected in November.
Deal with it haters.

Judge Allen Hell Bent for Victory at Any Cost

Judge Allen has spoken often about her evangelical zeal and her messianic belief that she is doing god’s work on earth. Just order her Billy Graham Ministries sermon called Taking a Stand for Truth at http://www.best-christian-conferences.com/bcc/stor… (prayer in the courtroom – NO PROBLEM, praying with litigants and their attorneys – NO PROBLEM, god’s calling to the United States Supreme Court – STAY TUNED . . .)

Unfortunately the ungodly truth often eludes Judge Allen. Take the case of her roommate and namesake Faith Allen (formally known as Lynn Ginn). After a crushing political defeat in the 2003 PA Supreme Court race at the hands of Judge Max Baer, Judge Allen engineered a public relations come back on the backs of an abused and exploited Russian orphan named Masha Allen.

Using her court attorney, Judge Allen changed Lynn Ginn’s name to Faith Allen and expedited Masha’s adoption by Lynn in a record 11 months. When the adoption was finalized, Judge Allen wasn’t even in the family division having transferred to the criminal court months earlier. So much for judicial integrity and independence (not to mention the best interest of the child!)

What Judge Allen got was a puff piece in the Post-Gazette written by her court lackey Barbara White Stack, complete with a picture and follow up editorial. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/04135/316220.stm

What the child got was a young single former Johnstown PA Peniel Center graduate with a troubled past and uncertain future (although Judge Allen’s criminal court connections certainly proved helpful again . . . http://www.thepittsburghchannel.com/news/3851519/d…)

Where is the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania on all this? SILENT. The people of this state need to wake up and look at the facts.

Judge Cheryl Allen's Corruption

This is shocking and clearly an abuse of power. How did this happen? Where were the social workers and lawyers for Masha Allen? The Post-Gazette story reads more like a press release than a news story. Who did their fact checking?

Cheryl Allen tries to have it both ways

Are you KIDDING me? This woman is a complete joke. How convenient that she is suddenly pro-life! Suddenly a Republican! This is all political game playing to serve her ego and bolster her fading credibility. As for her religious values, how about this…...she plans to foist an evangelical Christian point of view on Catholics and other faiths, completely disregarding the bill of rights for the bible and “judging” by virtue of her religious beliefs. So much for the Constitution. Where is Americans for the Separation of Church and State when you need them? How about the ACLU? Has everyone lost their minds? Electing this woman to the bench would be a catastrophe!

Judge Allen's "Principles"

Praying in the courtroom?? Shameless self-promotion at the expense of an abused child? This woman doesn’t deserve to keep the position she has, let alone be ‘promoted’ to Supreme Court.

As I recall, Judge Allen’s problems with the Democratic party stemmed from a dispute over a certain slanderous whisper campaign about her rival the Hon. Max Baer, and her (ludicrous) accusations that the Democratic party was discriminating against her because of her race, and not about her views on abortion. Let’s hope the voters of Pittsburgh have more sense than to fall for this self-indulgent tripe.


Back up your story I guarantee you And I Promise you that you have no way to back any of this up not one single thing. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT and back up your story not baseless information

Preying on the elderly

Don’t we recall a certain self dealing transaction, or should we say PAYMENT, involving being on the board of the foundation of an elderly woman? THIS is a paragon of virtue? An exemplar of justice?

Let the Truth be Known!

Praise the Lord who is my rock and salvation. I will not let evildoers tarnish the good name of OUR Judge Cheryl Allen. Truly truly I say unto you, SHE is a breath of truth and righteousness. I know not of what you speak since our heavenly father Lord and savior was manifest in the miracle of Faith ALLEN and her daughter. We at Day Star here in Georgia shall give firm and unyielding testament to the holy works of this godly woman. Until the devil drove them out of Georgia, Faith ALLEN was like a light unto the nation a source of constant praise and tribute to her mother and her HONOR Cheryl ALLEN and the many wonderous signs which brought them together. No less than the hand of our savior Jesus Christ was at work in uniting these lost souls in HIS service. Let this child Masha ALLEN! give testament – like she did to Oprah and before the United States government – on the miraculous power, not by man but by HIS Holy name, and through his loyal servant her grandmother Judge Cheryl ALLEN. From the mouth of babes shall come the truth.

The Crazies

Oh boy, I thought the crazies went to bed a bit earlier than this.

PA Republican party needs a reality check on this one!

Can someone explain why the state Republican party appears to be putting its high priced consultants Littlefield and Rogers to work on this race while they let Phil English take the heat for Bush. You can count this Republican out in your next fundraising campaign if this is how you’re going to elect to spend our money on this kind of poseur. She’s been a Republican for what, like five minutes? The party has much bigger fish to fry in view of the problems good men like Phil are having as a result of the Bush Iraq policy. The party should be focused on those races where serious public policy is at stake and on behalf of tried and true candidates, not opportunists who can’t cut the mustard in their own parties.

Utterly Pathetic...

I truly have a love/hate relationship with political blogs. I do love the HONEST debate and interactions that these forums foster, but I despise the fact that the laughable ramblings of cheap hacks will be taken as gospel by those who won’t take the time to verify the facts. I’m referring to the, ahem, “piece” by Anonymous entitled “Judge Allen Hell Bent for Victory at Any Cost”. Firstly as I read it, Judge’s Allen’s disqualifications for the bench seem to be these; she’s a Christian (bad enough, I know) and (if things couldn’t get any worse)a FORMER Democrat. Why, this lady is an unconscionable monster! She must be stopped! The “evidence” against her competency is nearly insurmountable; she attended a Billy Graham conference (with such notable political bombthrowers as former Steelers QB Tommy Maddox) and spoke about the need for Christians to actually “live” their faith, not just preach it; she calls herself “personally pro-life” (OUCH! Another strike there – BTW, has anyone asked the Judge how’d SHE’D RULE on specific cases, as opposed to fretting over her personal beliefs?; and, to top it off, she left the Democrat Party (a cardinal sin in the Pittsburgh area, akin to excommunication). Or perhaps the party left her? Anyway, now let’s turn to this adoption garbage spewed by our dime-a-dozen hatchet man (or woman). Several years ago, Judge Allen took a young woman who had been the victim of abuse into her home. After counseling and rehabilitation, the young woman indeed did change her name to Faith Allen and began herself to care for victims of abuse (not a terribly uncommon practice). Faith began to take in children of her own, including Mea (not Masha). Faith Allen was urged to take Mea not by Judge Allen, but by a caseworker familiar with Faith’s recovery and work ethic with children. The timeframe of Mea’s adoption was actually rather normal by most standards, and I don’t see the legal consequences of Judge Allen’s transfer to criminal court during Mea’s adoption? Perhaps you could enlighten me there? The post concludes with the snippy comments that Judge Allen “got” a puff piece in the PG and Mea “got” hell on Earth, Part II with Faith. What cynicism and hypocrisy. Aren’t liberals always lecturing us on the wonders of rehabilitation? Why is it not so with Faith Allen? Fortunately, Judge Allen will be the Republican nominee for a Superior Court vacancy this fall. The Democrats lost a woman of obvious legal competency (ask the ABA, the “gold standard” in liberal legal circles) and high integrity. Why? Apparently because she seeks out causes beyond herself (and seeks the counsel of a higher power), which immediately sets off alarms within elitist circles, I’m sure. All in all, the Republicans “got” a top-flight nominee, Mea finally “got” a loving parent, and Anonymous and those that think like him/her “got” zero. Live with that.

Dear Cheryl . . .

More of your self-serving public relations campaign. No amount of spinning from your expensive high powered inside-the-beltway (read – OUT OF STATE) campaign consultants on your part can divert attention away from the reality of a.) your political gamesmanship on things like, oh say, abortion and prayer, and b.) your willingness to bend and even break the rules for YOUR OWN benefit. Whether manufacturing (imagining?) the success story of your daughter and protege, or waging a whispering campaign against a well respected fellow judge or “borrowing” money from people for whom you are a fiduciary, at the end of the day you’re a phony. Stop hiding behind religion and race and tell the truth.

Social Worker

A friend of mine told me about what is going on here. I am a worker who knows about this case and just can no longer remain quiet. I remember this whole thing like it was yesterday. You ask about Mea. The Mea I knew was Masha Mancuso. And Faith was Lynn Ginn. They both changed their name because of Judge Allen and with her help which was very unusual. THe agency did not support this adoption. It was not appropriate for an abused woman, especially someone so young and so recently out of recovery herself, to take on a very troubled girl like Masha. I don’t know what “caseworker” you are speaking about but it was not this agency. The people downtown from Allegheny County wanted this adoption to happen and happen quickly. It was not appropriate for a criminal court judge to handle this kind of case – an adoption. Adoptions are not done in the criminal court. In terms of rehabilitation – all I can say is that there is no such thing as being “rehabilitated.” Someone who suffers from the cult-like abuse Faith claims she suffered is never “rehabilitated.” There is lifelong suffering in something like this with lifelong treatment required. The word that comes to my mind in all this is conflict of interest between the Judge and the woman she helped. SHe should not have been the judge for someone she lived with and had a close personal relaitonship with. From what I have heard, things have not turned out well in this case despite whatever anyone else is saying. “Rehabilitation” just does not happen in these kinds of cases.

To Social Worker

If this is true and it certainly sounds like you are the expert, there should be an immediate investigation into this case. As an adoptive parent who was put through the wringer trying to adopt from foster care and without the baggage this young woman seems to have I am outraged that she was able to adopt so readily without the appropriate safeguards for the child. I’m sure there are a lot of Pennsylvania foster and adoptive parents who didn’t get the special treatment having a judge for a friend brings.


Where did this cult information come from? Where are your facts to back all this up? Do you have evidence to back up that Faith was in a cult? You have nothing and this is ridiculous. Let masha and faith live their lives. Faith has been investigated intently and their are no signs of abuse of masha LEAVE THEM ALONE

Dear Lies

Investigated by which agency? Which time? Which state? How many times? Over which child? No “signs” of abuse doesn’t mean no abuse.

Dear Pathetic

We have to stop meeting like this but checking in on this increasingly fascinating narrative I was stunned to read the post from Social Worker. So let’s review. First, Judge A makes a recording in which she pledges to use the bible not the law to inform her judging. Then, she’s on the board of the charity of an elderly woman from whom she inappropriately takes a payment even though she is a fiduciary. She wages a whispering campaign against a colleague who is running for a judgeship. She switches parties because she so thoroughly alienated and screwed over PA Dems. And now we appear to have confirmation that she bent the rules and may have put a child at risk to aggrandize herself. Wow. Let’s break out the champagne and the party streamers right now. OF COURSE, she should be elected to an even more important post. What in the world were we thinking?

Dear Pathetic,

Ooops….....I mean, Cheryl!

What a bunch of self-serving drivel. If this stuff is so wacky, why bother to respond? Good lord…..and I mean that in the strictly secular sense…..don’t you have anything BETTER to do? You’re a judge, for pete’s sake…..don’t you have some CRIMINALS to lock up? Aren’t there any bankrobbers to put away? Oh no….instead, you’re lurking on a blog (by definition a destination for wack jobs like us) trying furiously to write revisionist history. Wow…..must be a really slow day at the old courthouse. Or maybe you have another Billy Graham cd to churn out describing how Jesus, not the law of the Commonwealth of PA, is driving your decision making. Whatever…...at the end of the day the question is…..are we wrong? The answer is…..definitely not!

Dear Cheryl (and Pathetic)...

First of all, I am in no way affiliated with Judge Allen’s campaign. I have voted for the woman in the past and plan on doing so again. The “Utterly Pathetic” post was mine (I forgot to log in the other day) and certainly did not come from anyone affiliated from Judge Allen’s campaign. You’re actually right about something – nobody would (or should) bother to respond to your wacky drivel, but I’ve been known to have been baited by liberal hacks before. Bravo, Anonymous – you’ve succeeded at something (a rarity for you, no doubt). Incredibly, I could pull something of interest from your latest post – you couldn’t coherently respond to any of my points of fact on Judge Allen’s record. You simply regurgiatated the same bile you started with. At this point, I’ll draw some conclusions regarding this whole affair; you are scared of Judge Allen. She is a highly successful, highly regarded female African-American judge who would use her vast experience and superb legal knowledge in becoming an outstanding member of the Superior Court. You can bang on over her religion (perhaps only atheists should serve as judges?) or how she supposedly “stole” a child from Children’s Services (a story so outlandish that even the most committed liberals don’t buy it), or how she’s this or how she’s that. It’s all a smoke and mirrors charade (and a very poor one at that). I will conclude with a question (I’m not expecting an intelligent response, but…). What exactly do you have against this woman? Your comments go beyond political criticisms. You’ve not only torn Judge Allen down PERSONALLY, but you’ve attacked another woman (Faith Allen), that by all reputable accounts, has turned her life around and has begun helping young women overcome their problems. One question – WHY? Is it the party switch? If Judge Allen were again a Democrat, would you be making these comments? Is it her faith? Is it her race? You appear cheap and scared. Understandably so. Judge Allen has a solid record and reputation. You have sleaze and innuendo. Guess who wins in November?

To Whom It May Concern

You voted for this person? Can you read at all? One way or another there is a problem here.

no problem

No their is not a problem. You all need to leave Faith, Masha , And Cheryl alone. They have been properly investigated because of all of your allegations and nothing as come back from these FALSE allegations which is why Masha still remails with her mom who has fought for her all along and will continue to do so. LEAVE THEM ALONE

Dear Problem

What about the allegations before Masha?

Dear Even More Pathetic Than I Thought

Scared? Of Judge Allen? You bet. Anyone who brags about serving the “lord” instead of the law is someone to be questioned rigorously, especially when they are expected to be an arbiter of the laws they are ignoring. If Judge
Allen wants to run for minister I might vote for her myself. Unfortunately, that is not the case so it’s hard to see how this could be a good thing. Lots of religious people serve as judges. What the good ones have in common is that they stick to the law not the bible as a guiding principle. If she were a Democrat, a Republican, a Independent or any other party I would certainly be making these comments. I happen to be a prolife conservative and what offends me about her is her completely transparent expedience in adopting the variety of positions she claims to espouse. If she was such a committed Democrat why couldn’t she cut the mustard in the party? Why would conservatives embrace someone who
couldn’t make it in her own party. Why would we embrace her when her motives are clearly driven by an inability to get over on the other side. Why would she have any particular credibility with no track record in the Republican party especially when there are plenty of tested candidates. She seems like a whiny loser who will play the god card, the race card, whatever it takes to
get over on an uninformed electorate. Whether Republican or Democrat these are the questions an informed electorate should be asking. As for race, the only person who has made race an issue is Judge Allen herself. She could not manipulate the Democratic party to serve her agenda so she conveniently had a battlefield conversion playing the race card herself. Given the current state
of affairs politically in this country the integrity of the judicial branch is the last frontier. Regarding her alleged “good works” give me a break. Whether promoting her rescues or “borrowing” money from people whose interests she is supposed to be protecting I just don’t buy it. It’s all a crock. And this is what’s wrong with this country….people like you who cast their vote on the basis of press releases, not facts. You’re the one being duped, pal. But enough of this nonsense.

Anonymous Bloggers

How credible can the observations of Judge Cheryl Allen be on this blog, when people do not give their name(s)? The criticism may be valid, but if you can make these statements without taking apparent responsibility for your statements, I will not accept as fact information/accusations that you will not make under your name.

Irony Alert for Anonymous

And this with out a trace of irony on YOUR part? That’s the beauty of the blogosphere. People who would otherwise get fired from their jobs in social service agencies and/or courthouses can get their allegations to the public. And we don’t see you coming out on the record, you big hypocrite.


The truth will be told – fully sourced and documented – at http://www.DefeatCherylAllen.com.

For all the naysayers out there, stay tuned. The truth is a comin’ like water from the mountain tops.

Send the unvarnished truth and original documents to Integrity@DefeatCherylAllen.com.


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