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Why are there so many Fraudulent Yellow Page listings claiming to be Local Adoption Agencies with 1-800-NUMBERS...


Why are there so many Fraudulent Yellow Page listings claiming to be Local Adoption Agencies with 1-800-NUMBERS sending the Caller’s to Utah?

January 14th, 2008

Why do Adoption Agencies Lie about their location in phone listings and in phone calls just to get Babies to Utah? Why? Is it because Utah’s legal system has become corrupted by the Adoption Industry and it is unfavorably Biased for the Adoption Industry? Note that the Uninvestigated cases of Fraud against adoptive parents by the Utah Department of Justice means they are anti adoptive parent too, just pro adoption industry! Or Is it because the Mormon Religion is Biased against unwed mothers and fathers and single parents cant get a fair trial there? Or is it all of the Above?

Lets say you are a Pregnant Woman or man, or couple seeking an adoption and you want to Legally do an Adoption Locally in Tennessee, so you go look in your local phone book …

The Adoption Center of Choice Gallatin, TN 37066
(800) 570-0480

Sounds Great! But There is no such Agency Incorporated or located in Tennessee check Tennessee Secretary of States office for the Business Listing, Find it on a Map… Yet the add clearly states that there is a "the adoption center of choice" located in the Friendly town of Gallatin Tennessee 37066. This 1-800- Number gets you Linda Cohler who is the Counselor for “The Adoption Center of Choice in Orem Utah.” and is Also the Counselor committing perjury against me in the Utah Courts. Why does this listing clearly indicate that “The Adoption Center of Choice” is located in Gallatin, TN 37066? Why are Adoption Counselors trained to lie when they answer the phone and also Under Oath? What is wrong with this industry?

A Ababy Adoption Agency of Choice Chicago, IL 60601
(800) 570-0480

Now Check this one out! According to Mary Mitchell for the Chicago Sun Times The Adoption Agency of Choice is Banned from Doing Business in the state of Illinois forever, yet they have opened an "A Ababy Adoption Agency of Choice" that clearly states that it is located in Chicago with an area code of 60601, but who answers the phone when you call ? Again it is Linda Cohler or another counselor for the Adoptioncenter in Utah near Orem! Feel free to call them and be very clear that you are calling for the A Ababy Adoption Agency of Choice in Chicago Illinois only!

A Ababy Adoptions Cincinnati, OH 45201

I called "A Ababy Adoptions" in Cincinnati and got ahold of Linda Cohler on the phone. I asked if this is A ababy adoptions, and she said yes, I asked where are you located … and she "refused" to answer the question and became suspicious, I asked if it was a company, I asked if they have a board of directors, she said yes, I asked her to name the Director of her company, she again avoided the question again, I asked her to name just one person on the board of directors she hesitated, she named "Lee Sterzer I think" I asked her to spell it "Lee Sterzer!"

There Are Actually too Many to list … But a Quick Web search Turns up these names!

Every single states Secretary of State office I checked with does not have these Businesses Listed Except for Utah! There is “A Heart of Gold” in both California and Utah, the “Abraham Center of Life”.

Every single one of these Agencies leads you to the AdoptionCenter in Orem while claiming to be a local Adoption Agency some where else!

A Ababy Adoptions Birmingham, AL 35201

A ABABY ADOPTIONS 800-570-0480 West Covina, CA 91790
23.4MI from Long Beach

Adoption Center of Choice The "MAP" Hot Springs MT 800-570-0480

Adoption Resources in Knoxville:
A Ababy Adoptions…800-570-0480
A Abagail’s Silver Spoon Adoptions…800-488-3238

A ABABY ADOPTIONS 800-570-0480 West Covina, CA 91790
10.2MI from Pomona

A A Baby Adoptions
MAP 241 W 520 N Orem UT 84057

A Ababy Adoptions
MAP Page AZ 800-570-0480

Adoption Center of Choice The
MAP Rock Springs WY 800-570-0480

A Ababy Adoptions Cincinnati, OH 45201

A Heart of Gold Adoption
Castle Rock, CO 80104 (800) 430-2367

A Heart of Gold Adoption
Serving Your Community
Memphis, TN 37501
Tel: (800) 430-2367

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And Do not forget to Contact your Local Senator and the Senator of the States involved!


The State of Utah! Which seems to be the last stop on the babyselling underground railroad!


Lookup Your States Senator!


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2008 Jan 14