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Angelina Jolie faces adoption scandal

Angelina Jolie faces adoption scandal

OSCAR-winner Angelina Jolie is facing a huge legal battle to remain the mother of her son Maddox, reports IMDB.com.

Angelina was shocked to hear that her two-year-old child might not be an orphan and could have been sold by his birth mother in a desperate attempt to escape a poverty-stricken life.

The FBI has already closed down Seattle International Adoptions Inc., used by Jolie to adopt Maddox, after its former owner Lynn Devin pleaded guilty to false claims that some children the agency handled were orphans.

"I will never give my little boy back," Jolie has told a friend.

"I've given him a home, I've given him love and he's mine."

Ironically, Jolie's ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton voiced concerns about Maddox's parentage before they separated in July 2002.

"Billy Bob voiced strong fears that poor Cambodian women were being taken advantage of," said a source.

"His serious doubts about the whole adoptions process contributed heavily to the breakup of their marriage. Now his words have come back to haunt Angelina."
January 6, 2004
2004 Jan 6