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Korean Twins re-united after decades!


Please tell me that I am not the only one who vomited green, gray glob after hearing this story.

It was described as a miracle.

Two young Korean girls are adopted by two different families at the same time, but alias they are re-united decades later.

Twins have a unique bond from birth. Separating them is a crime worst than lying on your home study.

The families keep track of each other via Facebook, sharing pictures of their adopted daughters.

One father said he noticed that the girls looked similar, and SUSPECTED that they were TWINS.

Hey bright one, and you did nothing about it.

So the happy separate families live their lives knowing it is a fraud.

Uggggg. The AP's are content that they have a child to call their own. Don't want to upset that beautiful apple cart, for the best interest of the child.

Shame on the Korean Adoption Authorities.

Split up a pair of twins and get twice the money.

These two have a life time of catch-up.

Another sad story of Adoption Corruption.