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12 Year Old Boy Dropped Off In Lincoln Under Safe Haven Law


from: www.klkntv.com

Another child has been dropped off at a Lincoln hospital under the Safe Haven law.

This marks the second time that this has happened in Lincoln, and 16 times total since the law went into effect in the state of Nebraska.

Lincoln police say a 12-year-old was dropped off just before 11 o'clock Sunday night by his grandmother who had just gotten custody of the boy back in September. He was taken here, to Bryan LGH West.

Lincoln police say his 51-year-old grandmother could no longer take care of him.

This marks the second time in Lincoln this has happened, and Chief Tom Casady believes more are to come.

He says "It provides an opportunity to drop the child off without any kind of negative consequence and i think there are plenty of people who will take advantage of that I'm rather surprised that the Legislatures didn't see this coming because I can assure you that everyone at the police department saw it coming."

The grandmother had just gotten custody of the boy, and Lincoln police say 1 of his parents still lives here in Lincoln. You may remember just last month, 9 children from one family were dropped off at a hospital in Omaha.

This has raised many questions from people who say this law, which states anyone up to the age of 19 can be dropped off, is just too broad.