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Organized group of boy-loving pedophiles arrested in Moscow


October 30, 2007 Pravada.Ru

The Moscow police arrested an organized group of pedophiles who sexually abused inmates of orphanages and children from poor families. Law-enforcement officers came across several obscene photographs on a website in April of the current year. The pictures depicted two adult males sexually abusing a ten-year-old child. It was later determined that the child was an inmate of one of Moscow’s orphanages.

The pedophiles, two adult Muscovites, were detected and arrested as a result of a special operation. The two males were members of an organized group of pedophiles who called themselves boy-lovers on the Internet.

The two detainees were known as Sedrik and Kotik – their online monikers. Boy-lovers tried to contact inmates of orphanages and children from poor families with a view to perform sexual actions with them. The pedophiles took pictures of their orgies and posted the photos on the Internet. The pedophiles raped some of their victims at times. The pictures let the police find several other members of the group.

The pedophiles were detected incidentally. Parents of one of the assaulted boys came to the police and said that they had received a call from an unknown man who offered them a large sum of money to solve the problem. The criminal was arrested during the moment when he came to hand over the money. The arrested man also was a member of the group of boy-lovers, known as Master-boy. Three other pedophiles with monikers Good-boy, Bumka and Steve were subsequently arrested too.

A source from the Moscow law-enforcement authorities told Intefax that the special operation continues because many other members of the boy-lovers group still remain free.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov


2007 Oct 30