exposing the dark side of adoption
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Baby Exporting Nation: The Two Faces of Inter-Country Adoption


This is the first critical documentary to come out of Korea about inter-country adoption. Aired May 2005 in Korea.

English subtitles

KBS synopsis: A 20-year-old unwed mother asked the In-Depth 60 minutes team to help her find her baby. According to her, the baby was taken by an adoption agency without her consent, as soon as she gave birth at an Ob&Gyn Clinic.

The transaction of money in the background was traced between the clinic and the adoption agency related to this.

Why is money involved to secure babies for adoption?

2300 children are adopted abroad among a total of 3800 adoptions annually. Human rights organizations criticize the government's encouragement of exporting babies.

Especially, overseas adoptions have a lot of problems due to the lack of a proper system to provide post adoption services. This is a shameful portrait of Korea, the world's 10th biggest economy and a member of OECD.

In-depth 60 Minutes is investigating the truth of rumours regarding overseas adoption through shocking stories of unwed mothers who were robbed of their name of "mother" and through the voices of adoptees who are returning to Korea