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It's NOT funny, but in a sick twisted way, it is


Another case, another tragedy, but the story involving a nurse practitioner does indeed make me laugh at the insanity we call Adoption's Option.

Prosecutors accused Erlandson of fatally beating her daughter, Kayla, out of frustration because the girl, who had motor skill problems and an attention disorder, didn't fit in with the 39-year-old woman's image of the perfect family. [See the case of Kayla Erlandson]

Ah yes, the ol story of an AP hoping an adopted child will help make his/her image of "the perfect family" possible.

After 7 months in her "forever American family" the two-year old toddler (from South Korea) had 65 injuries, including bruises, brain swelling, a lacerated liver, a neck bite and a deep scald on her arm.

According to newspaper reports, the adoptee fell short of the Amother's expectations.

I can't help but find that very humorous, in a very dark and twisted way.  Imagine... an adoption story not living-up to your preconceived expectations!

Is that any reason to put a child in a grave?

by Kerry on Thursday, 01 January 2009