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Bad Craziness


Has anyone ever had experience with the incidious lunatic remody "EFFEXOR"...

I had friends come and visit earlier this year. They stayed about a month. At the same time my fuckin quack doctor decided to poison my rational brain prescribe a new AD to me....."EFFEXOR DIBILITATE FUCK YOU UP MOOD SWINGER"      Effexor.

This nearly destroyed my friendship (well it could have if my friends were'nt so damn good and forgiving). I turned into a monster wrecking ball. It got worse, when I was finally told by my FUCKING QUACK CRACKHEAD DICKHEAD MORONIC doctor that I should go back to Prozac I had to go through a LIFETIME ETERNATY OF MANIC LUNACY WITH FUCKING WIERD PHYSICAL JERKS AND QUIRKS AND SUICIDAL FUCKING THOUGHTS PADDED CELL PLEASE SOFT PENIS FUCK YOU ALL FUCK FUCK OFF! MY HEAD IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE AM I SCHITZO MENTAL HELLO MUMMY MAD few weeks of slight withdrawls.........

shake that bottle and dance to the rattlin sound....I am back to normal now...


by Umbilical child on Tuesday, 21 October 2008