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Goody-goody gum drops! Madonna just might have Mercy!


Excuse my dripping sarcasm as I proudly post a piece relating to the Great Madam of African Adoptions.

Mother-Madonna, with all her money, seems to have gained favor within the adoption-circle once again.

The grandfather of Mercy James, the three-year-old Malawian girl who Madonna reportedly wants to adopt, has promised to turn things in favour of the singer.

Earlier this year, the 50-year-old singer had sent her aides to Malawi to meet James’ grandmother Lucy Chekechiwa.

However, the 64-year-old granny refused to sign the tot over to the pop star.

And other members of the family were also angry with the proposal.

Now, James’ grandfather Saxon Maunde, who is no longer married to Lucy, is angry that he wasn’t consulted over the proposed >adoption.

He has issued a plea to the singer, promising to negotiate the adoption himself.

“I really wish she could come back with that proposal,” the Daily Star quoted Maunde, as saying.

“If she can come back through me, there will be no problem because I will be able to explain to the family the benefits of adoption to the >child.

“Once they understand what adoption means, the child can be adopted without a problem,” he added.

Maunde said that he could get all parties to quickly agree to the adoption.

He claims it was rejected because the family did not understand what was being offered and may have felt they did not have enough time to talk it over.

“I wish they had involved me as the grandfather of the child for advice,” he said.

“They approached me about sending the child to the orphanage but on the adoption issue they did not,” they added.

 [From:  "New hope for Madonna in adoption bid}, Sept 7, 2008, timesofindia.indiatimes.com]

"Private negotiations" with the singer.  <hmmmm>.  Anyone care to tell me how this illustrates "the benefits of adoption"?  Since I am no longer a child, and my dripping sarcasm has now gone completely dry, I see/read  this type of situation/proposal as being far more dark, twisted, and shady than any formal adoption SHOULD be.

What was this family being offered, and what makes this family think The Great Madonna won't go elsewhere to invest her interests?

by Kerry on Sunday, 07 September 2008