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Alejandro Ebron

2005 Sep 13

Alejandro Ebron was adopted from a family in Yokohama, Japan, by a Navy sailor and brought to the United States in 1959, when he was a year old. His adoptive parents filed citizenship papers for him and were granted a hearing in 1961. The day of the hearing, his father was at sea, so he and his mother went on their own. According to his court case, his mother was informed that her husband needed to be present, information that Ebron's attorney says was incorrect. Ebron's naturalization fell through the cracks after that. His father spent several years in Vietnam, and by the time he returned in 1970, Ebron's mother was seriously ill. But because his paperwork was filed, there was a chance Ebron could be considered a national of the United States, even if he isn't a citizen.

Status: Deported