exposing the dark side of adoption
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DEMONS, Hallow ghostly ghoul and other creepy humans disguised.

AAAAAhhhhhhhhh the nominees for the Annual Pound Pup Legacy Demon Awards scare the be Jesus out of me.
I want to vote but as I reviewed the nominees, I began to vomit and choke.
I came to realize that candy on Halloween, tainted with GMO's was very similar to adoption because it is also tainted with G M O's, or as I like to refer to as
                           God   Makes  Orphans...
Yes,  it is true, GOD, the guiding light, that leads us to adopt makes the Orphans that we long for.  The Baby-have-me-nots want the babies that can be got.  Although we all know that babies come from Momma's, adoption likes to eliminate them and their poppa's.
Why let large bodies of water deter us from the Path that God has made for us to find the orphans.  Why let related blood stop us. In the house of God, our prayers will be answered. Sign or X this paperwork, who cares if it is in a language that you do not understand, so what if were not natives to your land. We will adopt your "special needs, your waiting child, we have no standards business is wild.

Regarding  the nominees, they all stink and they all follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before them, the countless other Demons, who forge their way thru hell to turn up children for the baby-have-me-nots, who  shell out money to get a someone else's tot.
These Demons have the support of DCFS, CASA, Guardian ad Litem's, adoption attorneys, and the Almighty corrupt judges.

Last night I had a nightmare, as it was dark and foggy when I laid my head, 
I saw babies and children who had not been fed.
A murky vision passes my bed of a bio-child telling a judge that Deseray's adoptive parents need to be locked up in a spooky shed.

Baby Veronica, sans her father was in a new house, the Guardian ad Litem lied and said her Father was a louse. Her adoptive parents are pure and will provide her with a huge house, and education, which is far better than her growing up on a reservation.

Ireland, was looking for economic gain
putting up Irish children gave them DEMON fame.

Rick Warren, who should still be mourning,
shouted out to his mega church members, adopt children, 
this is GOD's warning.

Senator Mary Landrieu, with her political clout, trying to pass bills, to make her stand out.  She has jet-set the world, racking up airline miles,  expanding the adoption galaxy. Creating a strong "pipeline" for funneling more children into adoptive homes internationally.

I tossed and churned as my nightmare took a evil turn.
I was Trick or Treating on a very dark and eery street
when I nearly fell over my clumsy feet. Spooks seemed to be everywhere,
it was impossible not to stare.

A sign pointed this a way, the Bee-hive State, where children are welcomed, there is no doubt but there is a one way entrance in and  no way out.
There is a house just up a head,
it is  a house for the mother's unwed.
Slowly I approached, and passed by two young ems, who were dressed
like Mary and Abraham Lincoln.
There was shrieks and shrills coming from inside, the owner of the house was
Mr. Larry Jenkins. 
Stirring his cauldron while donning black tights 
 a post-delivery tonic that enhances the signing of irrevocable parental rights

On a new porch I linger, I hear the scurry of a mouse, from the outside it resembles a "Nanny House"
oh my look there it  is Scott and Karen Banks
Ohhhh weeee what is that they are handing out , oh kool-aid slash jello
shots, guaranteed to make you give up your Native tots.  
I glance up in the sky to see a shining star, looks like Baby Heta, from a far. There is a crooked old sign about to fall, stamped on it is a warning "Measles outbreak", do not enter we're busy breaking the law.

The air is heavy as I creep by a steep hill. There are "hurdles" set up to foil bio-fathers.
Each has a name on it, that can be vaguely seen, there is Ramsey Shaud, Cody O'Dea, Nikolas Thrunwald, John Wyatt, babies taken before they were weaned. The hurdles go higher deep into the sky, no matter how hard the father tries, his child is lost in the myriads of court proceedings, and wasteful attorney's meetings. 
 Tombstones are laid to rest, Gladney, Adoption Advocates, Both Ends Burning. Nightlight, Luthern Social Services, Lifeline, the ground is still churning. In a plot all it's own that resembles Western Samoa, stands a stone for Christian Homes and Special Kids. The unusual but creative philosophy of "if you cannot get the adoptive kids to conform, change it's demographics, also known as "underground traffic".
 Adoption agency's have their flaws, but many of this years horror stories of adoption abuse, are worse than a hard candy breaking your jaw.
I keep looking back over my shoulder as I leave this bumbling State, that has theocratic adoption laws.  I drop my bag in front of a house, that appears to belong to Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Windows are nailed shut, it seems it have been vacated of all living life, including his Ethiopian Adopted Children and wife.  But, smiling at the door in Mormon Bishop Attire is Mr. Lon Kennard.
A family of kiddos passes by,  two are wearing shock collars as their adoptive mother hollers. She shouts of the dangers of telling strangers the secrets of their home life, especially to teachers who will report to authorities the abusive strife.
Glowing in the dark laid a book at my feet. Pages had been ripped out sheet by sheet. The title was "Train up your child", a guide to parenting. (I am struggling with how poor Hana left this life on earth, and can not get past her suffering. And the abuse of her Brother Immanuel, call it "writers emotion getting in the way of posting my annual Demon poem, on Poundpup.)  Hana joins countless others who will be remembered.  Another "mismatched" religious fanatical forever adoptive family, with parents who passed a home study, amazingly.  
This author is no longer in the mood to make rhythms, just let me vote and forget these adoption crimes.

by ORFIN on Friday, 25 October 2013