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So many deportation cases in the news lately


I do not know whether there has been an increase in deportations recently, or whether it has finally reached the point where people are starting to pay attention to this great injustice. Deportations of adoptees is not a new phenomenon.

I need to keep track of some deportation situations that need cases set up here on PPL, so I making a list on this blog post.

Perhaps if anyone has information about these people, they will forward it to help.

David Drouin

, possibly aka Samio Drouin  pending deportation to Brazil     see http://poundpuplegacy.org/node/28402#comment-23353

Updates and more information for these cases (as well as any of the other cases listed here http://poundpuplegacy.org/deportation_cases )

Seo, mother of 3

  -  31 yr awaiting deportation in AZ

Tim Yee

- found homeless and injured

Man named Kim

- attempted bank robbery in S Korea

Monte Haines aka Ho-kyu Han

deported to S Korea                

Petition for citizenship for all US intercountry adoptees


A group that helps

illegal immigrant children

in foster care navigate the system to obtain legal status prior to adoption or turning 18.


by silent1 on Monday, 26 November 2012