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God is guiding me to Somalia


Last night I was awaken by God, a prophet, an childlike angel. He spoke to me.

He wants me to lead the Mormons, the Baptists, the Jew,s the Catholics, the Lutherans,and  the Methodists to Somalia, to retrieve the starving orphans.  I usually never question this type of authority, but at first I asked, do you mean Samoa?  Do you mean Western Samoa, where their are "orphans" who have neither a mum nor a dad? He answered, no my child, Focus on Children, has "saved"  those children already from the evils of their own.

I am doing God's will by hiring jets to fly to Somalia, to "save' the starving orphans.  I am white, I am educated, I have money, I have a religion that is better.  I have a house, a car, a white picket fence.  I pay taxes, I vote, mostly I have power because I live in America. And damit I want a black child, it is all the rave in Hollywood.

God's will, is my destiny.  Adoption agencies are buzzing, there are orphans in East Africa.  Polish up those home studies.  Better yet get your second cousin who just happens to be a social worker to type you up one, don't forget to mention the wide open blue sky and how wonderful it will be for an starving East Afrikaner to see the America sky, which we all know is bluer than the African Sky.  Letters from Ward members will be very helpful.  State that you have adopted overseas before and that your adoption agency was successful in taking children from their homes, and that the transition into your home, your culture,  and especially your religion went more smoothly then you expected.  Mention that this once labeled "orphan" is thriving. Home studies can also be now down loaded so that any two morons can have one and adopt.

 God has opened up my heart to love someone else's child.  I feel a sense of relief, knowing that I and only I can love this child. That only I can provide for and give this child what it truly deserves and that is a western upbringing.  I will smother this "orphan" with not just love but material possessions, with a "quality" education, in a land that is free and full of brave adoption agency owners who have slick tongues, and people on the ground, who can "persuade" the parents to relinquish their children to a foreigner, even if it is only till they turn 18.

This child will be educated about their own culture, we will focus on how they were abandoned and alone, and low and behold, we 'felt" a calling, as Christians, to rescue.

Lest we  forget to pack our bags of rice, after Western Samoa, it has become the standard currency, equal to a "tribal child".

by DOP CHIEN on Wednesday, 10 August 2011