exposing the dark side of adoption
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An era gone by ? Another perspective ...


Picture this scene:

Sitting outside in a nice street cafe, with some casual friends, small-talking about whatever.

Questions coming up, like: Jared, what have you been doing lately?

Jared admits that he´s been reading l o t s about adoption.

Gives lots of explanation as to why, and what ... Talking a bit about family matters and younger (adopted) brother's current crisis.

One of the friends knows someone who adopted internationally.

<Follows lively report on how the child's been doing.>

Friend says his friend payed about $25,000 in fees for the process.

Jared states that these huge sums of money are the turn key to corruption issues,

and that it is really annoying in any case that people get payed (and rich) for assisting in matters of adoption and family.

Friends all say good work must be payed well enough, in a world where money matters.

Everyone agrees.

<Follow multiple efforts by everyone to bring back a happy tone to this conversation, by changing the subject.>

An hour later, same friends, walking back to the library in this beautiful European town. Shows up a tourist, in his mid fifties, not exactly what you'd call attractive, with very young, very slender and very pretty Asian girl, probably his wife.

Same friend as before: "I always thought it is so disgusting, when old European men go get themselves a young Asian woman!"

Jared, staring at friend, quietly - friend, staring back - sudden disbelief on both sides.

What did he just say?

Jared, still wondering: How can the very same people, who don't see any issue in paying huge fees to some "mediator"(faciliator/ agency owner) in adoption, have a problem with marriages arranged by a "mediator" (faciliator) in marriages, who is payed well enough for his good work?

by Jared on Wednesday, 25 May 2011