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Blackmail within the system


Can you believe that DHS/Lawyers told my daughter that if she wanted to keep her surving 4mo. old twin that she had  to sign her rights over to her firstborn. When I questioned as to why this was I was told "that's just the system". Lovely huh.

In May of last year, my daughter gave birth to twin boys, Jonathan & Nicholas. Nicholas passed away in Nov. DHS arrived to take the other twin from my daughter,  in the emergency room. The affidavit that was filed was full of misinformation/lies. The judge saw this,  Nicholas' death was found to be SIDS and his case was closed, Now, here's the kicker...they still have him for reasons unknow! And then they tell us that if she wants to keep Jonathan, she has to give up her oldest daughter!!! Sounds like blackmail to  me.....

My daughter just gave birth this week, an emergency c-section, the baby was 4wks early. DHS walked in her room on Day2, to tell us they put a 72hr hold on the baby. My daughter was not allowed to bring the baby in to her room. When Friday rolled along, they still had not informed us of the allegations, stating the baby was just put on 72hr hold upon her discharge & now they have til Monday to get the affidavit.

My daughter is so devastated. DHS has now carried this out way  to far. It's as if they have a personal vendetta against her, since the DHS supervisor over the county was fired over my daughter's case.

We are in need of desperate legal help, and do not have the hefty retainer fee the lawyers are requesting. Is there any layer out there that would be willing to help us 'pro bono'?  Someone has to stop them.

by jprochazka on Sunday, 01 May 2011