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Poor Little Mimi versus the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf


Long time ago, Mimi had a vision of a world in which no-one should remain childless and no child would have to live without a family. Mimi had seen the sadness in the eyes of those that desperately wanted children but couldn't get them and Mimi had seen images of children in poor countries that had no father or mother, children that were poorly fed and hardly had school to attend. Mimi felt she was called to solve both issues with one single plan.

The plan was simple: take the children out of the poor countries and give them to the childless couples that so desperately wanted a child to call their own. So Mimi set up an office and started receiving calls from childless couples in search of children. Over the years Mimi found thousands of children, first from countries that had been involved in wars, Mimi's own country was involved in. Soldiers had humped local women and the children born out of these affairs were not accepted in the countries they were born into. So while they were not really without a father and a mother, they were unwanted nevertheless and the childless couples Mimi knew so well, were willing to take them in.

Mimi's activities didn't stay unnoticed. In fact the laws were changed so Mimi could do the work even more effectively. Many news paper articles were written about Mimi's work and whenever there was an emergency anywhere in the world, Mimi was asked to help out. As a result Mimi's office grew bigger and bigger, where work had simply been started within the living room, now offices had popped up all over the country.

Years went by and Mimi got more and more influential. Presidents and prime-ministers from many countries came to Mimi, asking if their childless couples could have children too. And if not for these favors, they certainly wanted the photo-op. It was good for presidents and prime-ministers to be seen with Mimi, it made that people voted for them.

Despite all of the success, Mimi felt she was being threatened. Despite all the influence in the world there was always the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf.

The Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf, wrote mean articles that some of the children that had no parents, were in effect stolen, or that poor parents in far away countries were given money to give up their children. The Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf wrote that some of the childless couples were not really all that good towards the children they had received. It was even written that some were being abused or even killed. And the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf also  wrote that Mimi was living a luxurious life, due to all the money the childless couples paid for the work Mimi did.

How could the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf be so mean to Poor Little Mimi?

Why did the Big Bad anti-adoption Wolf try to convince other people that Mimi was something other than eternally good and eternally pure?

Mimi started to become more and more concerned with the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf. Sure, some of the things said, were not entirely untrue, but those were exceptions. Why could the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf not see that all that was wrong was always just an exception? Didn't the pureness of Mimi's heart speak for itself? Why such attention to pesky details, when it was the larger picture that counted? Or the smaller picture when that was better at showing the goodness of Mimi's intentions.

Through her contacts in the news media, Mimi spoke of her concern about the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf. Many of the childless couples agreed with her and together they tried to make sure no one would learn about the exceptions that made Mimi's life so difficult. Yet there were other childless couples that listened to the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf, there were some exceptional children that spoke with the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf's voice and there were parents of exceptional children that agreed with what the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf said.

Mimi started to see the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf in all the work she did. Some of the countries that before had gladly given Mimi their children, started becoming worried and some felt they'd better take care of their own children, especially now that they could, so many years after the war.

"The Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf is infesting people with nationalistic sentiments", cried Mimi. Presidents and prime-ministers came to Mimi's aid and persuaded countries not to stop sending children, or else it would have economic or diplomatic consequences. Yet Mimi was inconsolable. No matter how much support Mimi got, the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf was always out there, aiming to destroy Poor Little Mimi.

Mimi decided to hire her own critics, that would repeat some of the things the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf said, but would at least always mention that it was only an exception. It helped Mimi somewhat, because now when a news paper would write about what the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf had said, it was almost always followed by a quote from one of Mimi's hired critics. But Poor Mimi was not able to yield her influence to every corner of the universe. So every now and then Mimi was forced to move to other countries, because countries had stopped sending children, inspired by the words of the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf.

If the story of Mimi, had been a fairy tale, there would have been a happy ending, where someone would catch the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf, put rocks in its belly and dump the ugly beast in a well. But the story of Mimi is no fairy tale, so there is no simple end to the story. In fact Mimi is still being confronted by the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf day in day out, and those pesky exceptions keep happening over and over too.

Maybe some day we will be able to tell how the story ends, but for now Poor Little Mimi is still facing the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf. Every day Mimi tries to convince new people of the goodness of her deeds and every day the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf is presenting new exception. Maybe some day Mimi will see that the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf is nothing but a figment of her own imagination, a creation of her own doing. Maybe some day Mimi will see that the vision was only a vision and not something that works in the real world. Maybe some day Mimi will learn that what she saw as the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf  never was a scary angry monster, whose wrath had to fought. Maybe some day Mimi will see exceptions are not all that exceptional. Maybe some day Mimi will see the childless couples she so embraced are not all worthy of receiving children. Maybe some day Mimi will see the children she wanted to rescue, didn't need the kind of help she wanted to offer. Maybe some day Mimi will see that desperate parents take desperate actions they later regret. Maybe some day Mimi will learn that not all paperwork done is valid, not all dead parents are really dead.

Until that day, Poor Little Mimi will see the Big Bad Adoption Wolf around every corner, in ever nook and cranny of Mimi's existance. Every news paper article can contain words of the Big Bad Adoption Wolf and every day there is a chance some country will want to stop Mimi's actions.

Until the day Mimi sees she's part of the problem, not part of the solution, the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf will exist. Once Mimi sees she is the one who has to change her ways... Poof the Big Bad anti-Adoption Wolf is gone, just like had been a fairy tale.

by Niels on Thursday, 22 October 2009