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Executive compensations at adoption agencies


Most adoption agencies are registered as not-for-profit organizations and as a result are obliged to file executive compensations with the IRS. While the organization itself is not-for-profit, its executives can still make a startling amount of money for themselves. In that sense promoting an agency as not-for-profit can, and in many cases is misleading. In several situations the compensation of top executives at adoption agencies is essentially the profit made by the organization.

The table that follows lists compensations to adoption agency executives in the amount of $95,000 or more, including benefits and expenses.

  1. The compensation of C. Warren Moses includes $870,047 in benefits, the annual compensation itself is "only" $481,158;
  2. Several of the agencies listed have a much wider scope than adoption alone, so the compensations paid are not always just for adoption related activities;
  3. Lily Nie and Joshua Zhong are husband and wife, together they make $332,219;
  4. Mark Eckman and Vivian Datoff are husband and wife, together they make $464,056;
  5. When compensations have fluctuated strongly in the last couple of years the highest compensation is listed;
  6. The table will automatically be updated whenever new information is being made available.
by Kerry and Niels on Monday, 21 September 2009