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A Child's waiting - business as usual?


Infamous adoption agency A Child's Waiting no longer seems in business, other that that it seems business as usual.

In August last year, Crissy Kolaric, her husband Todd Kolarik and her sister Jennifer Marando struck a deal with the authorities in Ohio, after a series of violations of the Ohio Administrative code.

The deal stated:

  • The Agency directors, Jennifer Marando and Crissy Kolarik, shall terminate all involvement with the daily activities of ACW [A Child's Waiting] as it relates to and of the agency's authority as a PCPA [private child placement agency] or a PNA [private non-custodial agency] for a 4-year period from the date of the signing of this agreement....
    ...However, nothing in this agreement shall prevent Jennifer Marando and Crissy Kolarik from retaining financial interest in ACW or making business decisions concerning the financial operations of ACW.
  • Jennifer Marando and Crissy Kolarik cannot be an owner, board member, director, or have a financial interest in or receive any financial benefit in any other PNA or PCPA.
  • Todd Kolarik shall withdraw his PNA application and cannot reapply for certification as either a PNA or PCPA for a 4 year period.

The settlement is leaves very little room for any other interpretation than that Ohio wants Jennifer Marando, Crissy Kolarik and Todd Kolarik out of the child placement business, but is not able to stop them from owning a for-profit organization and reaping the benefits of that.

In April of this year the Beacon Journal reported that Ohio officials were seeking to close ACW because:

  • The agency took on three additional cases when not permitted.
  • It failed to submit required monthly reports for children in its custody.
  • Owners Jennifer Marando and Crissy Kolarik didn't step away from daily operations as required.

Nothing else was reported ever since, but it seems ACW is no more. When following the link to the agency's website, it gets redirected to the law office of Todd Kolarik, who seems to be running the operation like it is the continuation of ACW, focussing on domestic adoption and adoption disruption, and having a photo listing of "waiting children". The address used for the main office and for the branch office of Todd Kolarik's law office are known ACW addresses. Todd Kolarik also claims to be cooperating with Turning Corners Counseling & Support, which conducts the disruptment assessment.

So it seems, A Child is Waiting has finally disappeared from the face of the earth, though for the former owners it's business as usual.

by Niels on Monday, 10 August 2009