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Humanitarian consideration case


After we landed in the land of fairy tales, my escort left me to an unknown American woman who took me to a room full of adults. Taking the babies, they were crying, laughing, talking aloud, and showing their new babies to each other. That's what my amother compared to giving birth because these women "were exactly like women giving birth to their babies" and she (my amother) also felt the pain of childbirth when she saw me.

After all new parents were gone, my amother and I waited a long time for my afather in front of a bar. When my afather finally appeared, he seemed very nervous while talking to my amother. She took my hand and started running so fast that I had difficulty to follow her...

My amother often explained to me what really happened the day of my arrival. The US immigration wanted to return me to Korea because my entrance there was found to be illegal. My afather told her: "Take the little one and run! Run fast!" She added proudly that he had managed to obtain another visa for me.

Even if I heard about my arrival day a dozens of times, I realized what really happened only after reading the papers again after my amother's death.

I was sent to USA with a visum for the purpose of adoption which was no longer valid the day of my arrival.

The US immigration issued another visa for humanitarian consideration case.

When I was sent to my adopters, they had been living in USA for 5 years, but they were not US citizens. However, when they filled the adoption application form (Feb 5th 1975), they wrote they were US-citizens. It means they lied about their citizenship!

The social worker of Holt adoption program sent them a letter (Feb. 24th, 1975): "We are pleased to inform you that we have reviewed your adoption application and are referring it on to your local social service for further study."

But, I can't believe they have actually reviewed the adoption application.

I was allowed to stay in the USA for one year for humanitarian consideration (probably because adoption is so wonderful). This is the reason why my owners moved back to their birth-country with me six months after my arrival.

I believe Holt didn't even realize that their customers left the country with their sold product before finalizing my adoption. I wonder if they even questioned when my owners wrote them to get the HI Families Magazine delivered to Canada instead of USA.

What human beings can send a child to two complete strangers living in a country where they are not citizens?

What does the expression "humanitarian consideration" really mean?

by kimette on Friday, 29 August 2008