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China adoption - worldwide silence


Yeah, folks, live ain't easy for the adoption world.

The Hunan scandal had nicely dried up without too much damage.  Olympics may slow down China this year, but no doubt next year the business will pick up again.

And then we should not having some Dutch TV programme spoiling the fun, by claiming that not only the Chinese oprhanages pay 400 dollar for 'abandoned' babies. No, this time it was revealed that the Chinese family planning authorities pro-actively take children away from their families (if those cannot pay the fin!!! so the rich may keep their children). And even if some poverty stricken farmers find ways to round up the money, they are told it is too late: the children are now abroad, changed identity and can never be retraced.

And it is not about 10 children, or 100. No, it may well be 1.000. Or more??

But after some initial Dutch reporting, it is silent  - sooooo silent in the adoption world.

Guess they all read the US State Departments recommendation???

PLEASE NOTE: Chinese authorities are extremely sensitive about the operation of foreign entities in China.  Moreover, adoption is also a sensitive subject in China.It is therefore advisable for any person interested in adopting a child from China to act with discretion and decorum.  High-profile attention to adoption in China could curtail or eliminate altogether adoption of Chinese children by persons from countries, including the United States, that have caused adoption to become the subject of public attention.

by Hilary on Sunday, 16 March 2008