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Last night I took the kids to see Meet The Robinsons and hub-man went to see 300.  The two unrelated movie themes got me going.  [It's a Theme-Thing I always have going in my warped mind]. 

300 is about war.  Meet The Robinson's is about an orphaned child.

The two ARE related, by Separation.

Here's my Issue:  If men go to war, as a noble gesture... (protecting and preserving the safety/well-being of their women and children)... who's There to protect the children from the LUNATICS left to take care of them?

I have no doubt in my mind my natural mom gave me up because she thought i'd have a better life in A Home, with a Mommy and Daddy caring for me.  [My natural dad was in the Navy and stationed far away at the time of my birth... at least that's what my non-id info told me].  I seriously doubt my mom would have agreed to allow me to be in the hands of a Lunatic. 

Such is the cost of  MY Adoption.

Who pays?

Me... and everyone i meet... and contaminate.

That's why i loved being a Nurse... and why i love to Write.  If my sick twisted needy need to be needed BENEFITS someone... my life Means something far greater than just sheer madness.

So here's my Question:   When men go to war, who does it serve?

by Kerry on Sunday, 01 April 2007