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Janeche24's blog

ok a ok

by Janeche24 on Tuesday, 26 August 2008

ok so I know that I don't have a job right now, or a place to live but I do have cash in my pocket on friday, but as for these three days..I have no idea what's to come next. but somehow God always provides me. Jerry called the other day...I'm so glad I'm so happy!!!  (they are my family that I met while on the road)..and I haven't talked with them for a very long time, and they moved-and I have to learn how to sing by the way...I don't know if I know how to or not??...I definitely know I need some training in a lot of areas of my life if I'm going to want to be a professional...oh Lord...well I hope that life just keeps getting better. 

Until then,


new day

by Janeche24 on Saturday, 26 July 2008

ok I want to write so much in a discussion and up for questions but I feel really guilty that I haven't read very many of your posts and ...ok so I'm gonna make a point to do that and see if I can answer any of your questions. I promise!!

I wanted to write to say thanks for all your help before and everything because everything has been going pretty well lately. I'm involved in this seminar so that kinda helps...and I know you guys mentioned addicts before?? or did you??? and I actually sometimes go to aa...and if not just for the support..blah blah blah.

Well, I was wondering if you have had any problems with bosses-with treating them as if they were your parents or reenacting the relationship with them as similar?????

Ah I feel like I had so many more things to write but I don't remember now. I will write again in a bit.


by Janeche24 on Thursday, 17 July 2008

ok well I'm probably going to post something because I hope you guys will give me some comments on abandoment issues. ?? Maybe we already have a post on that- I have to check.

Anyway, ok so damn it I want to act..like in theatre and stuff. I feel like it's my calling. No, I'm pretty sure it's my calling. I just feel scared shitless about being in front of a million people. I mean I feel scared about even taking a class. I have a feeling though, that it will release emotions I need to release in a more healthy way.

Anyway, perhaps I'm going to post about this. Also, as you already know I don't want to live with my parents anymore, people are offering for me to live with them but it's so -I feel scared about that-I wish I would just stop being so damn scared of everything. I have to realize that if I feel scared I just have to take the correct action and then everything will be as good as it is supposed to be.

Ok gotta go



by Janeche24 on Wednesday, 09 July 2008

Hey to all who wants to read..ok

so I know I gotta write back to some posts and stuff but I've just been working so much which kinda feels good..

sometimes I have the tendency to burn myself out though which I don't want to do anymore. Damn! ok..so my boss was talking to me tonight about being adopted though, wierdly. He's greek, so he kinda has an accent, but he knew what he was talking about, aside from him not being adopted-not because of his accent haha.

Anyway, right now what I'm working on..is saving money so I can get a place of my own..haha as stated in my post. I just don't know where I want to go or where I am supposed to go. Ok I'm gonna ramble now -wait, nevermind. I just seem to want to travel all over the place but I just don't understand it really...when will I ever settle down somewhere??? I am starting to feel old yet I'm 23. uuum...gosh sorry this is all over the place. I feel as if I am writing for an audience so I am writing differently. Ok well I'll stop that.

So, there's this boy-guy actually-far away from me and I want to go where he is. Does anybody get really swept away by emotions...feel a connection, mystical, or spiritual with anybody and then confuse it with love? Or is that love? I mean I know emotions isn't love...but ahhhh damn I wish I knew.