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carrinho24's blog

by carrinho24 on Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hello my name's Ashley i'm an american citizen who married a brazilian citizen. My husband is from curitiba,Brazil all his life we thought his adoptive "mom" legally adopted him little did we know he was a black market baby. Gloria Levy came from Isreal to usa in the 60's she had 2 illegal abortions causing infections on her fallopian tubes so she couldn't have biological children, she however lied to anyone who asked her why she couldn't have kids she would say "i don't know."  In 1984 she flew from Los Angelos,CA to Curitiba,Brazil to buy a baby. My husband Gabriel was handed to her in a suburban park area from the gang leader Arlete Hilu Gloria stayed 4 months in Brazil with Gabe and Arlete Hilu trying to figure out a way to get him out she even bribed the brazilian police if she paid them could she leave with him and they let her. Gloria came back with a child on false adoption papers, she flew back to Brazil when Gabe was 2 yrs old to help sell babies to foreign couples that wanted to "adopt" she took care of the babies until they were ready to leave with their new families. It breaks my heart to know my husband could be a kidnapped baby since Gloria had informed us that when mothers came to give their babies up 2-3 days later they would come back asking for their babies then Arlete would send her workers out to then steal the babies back from their moms, so she could keep selling babies. I would love to find my husbands bio family and also bring justice to this whole case. It's not right what she did buying a baby and going back to help sell them. I'm writing this hoping people will read and help us also if they need information from me i can try to help thank you.