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10 children adopted by Jonathan and Allison Schumm

2015 Nov 19

Five of the ten children adopted by Jonathan and Allison Schumm were physically abused by their adoptive parents. 

The Schumms had received an Angels in Adoption award in 2013. This makes them the second couple from Kansas that got this prestigious award and ended up abusing children. The other couple were Brandon and Melissa Hoffman. Both families were nominated by Jerry Moran.


Title Publication date
Schumm diversion documents detail 'spanking' of 12-year-old with a belt, leaving cuts around eye 2016 Apr 21
District attorney: Departing city councilman Jonathan Schumm, wife approved for diversion agreements 2016 Apr 20
Topeka City Councilman Jonathan Schumm resigns 2016 Apr 19
Councilman Jonathan Schumm, who faces felony charge, announces upcoming crime summit 2016 Mar 16
Prosecutor, defense attorney want to resolve Allison Schumm's aggravated battery case without a trial 2016 Feb 18
Judge dismisses ouster against Topeka City Councilman Jonathan Schumm 2016 Jan 8
Schumm denies striking 12-year-old son with belt, choking him 2015 Dec 9
Jonathan Schumm receives Cenex gas card for 'generosity' 2015 Dec 7
Allison Schumm wanted bond temporarily altered so councilman husband could be present for birth of their newest child 2015 Dec 4
Judge's rebuke of DCF adds to same-sex couples' claims of discrimination 2015 Dec 3
Jonathan Schumm attends city council meeting; council members show support 2015 Dec 1
Schumms, Topeka child abuse defendants, list $4,650 monthly subsidy for kids 2015 Dec 1
With no state oversight for homeschooling, quality of education in Schumm home questioned 2015 Nov 30
Councilman and Wife Arrested for Allegedly Abusing 5 of the 16 Children in Their Care 2015 Nov 27
Court records: Topeka Councilman Jonathan Schumm beat, choked his child; D.A. asking court to remove him from office 2015 Nov 25
Jonathan Schumm, Topeka city councilman, appears in court with handcuffs, notes children's removal from home 2015 Nov 20
Councilman Schumm, wife out on bond after child abuse allegations 2015 Nov 20
Despite criminal charges, Jonathan Schumm retains Topeka council seat 2015 Nov 20
Topeka city councilman Jonathan Schumm, wife arrested Thursday after child abuse investigation; couple has 16 children 2015 Nov 19