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Well, I was dark time where I was born beautiful mountain, valley, forest, near equator, and Europe culture. My adoptive parents brought to Midwest and always coldest, white snow, and four season. Where I found safe time with my "adoptive" parents.

Later, my adoptive parents divorced I was second years old. But it officially divorced I was five years old. I have beautiful adopted sister. We always together during childhood. I had a good/ bad memories with her. I am glad she is part of my life.

I can share my life to you, but would like to heard from you and you can ask me question. I would happy to share my experience about adoption-hood.

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Well, I guess I share to tell you that my parents adopted me. I'm Deaf and my first language was Sign Language. I now fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).

I'm happy to share my experience from a adoptive parents and childhood. I can help you to understand about adoption kid. Not only that maybe Deaf culture or ASL too.

Please feel free to ask me regard adoption and Deaf culture/ ASL.

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