Sixth Annual Demons of Adoption Award Nominations

Every year the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute(CCAI) organizes a gala where Members of Congress can give an Angel in Adoption Award TM to constituents of their state or district who have been advocates for adoption.

Originally intended to champion the adoption of children from foster care, the Angels in Adoption Awards have grown into an adoption industry love-fest, awarding adoption attorney's, directors of adoption agencies and other representatives of the adoption industry.

Many of the recipients of the Angels in Adoption Awards have nothing to do with adoption from foster care, and their main achievement is making a sound business out of the commerce in children.

In 2007 Pound Pup Legacy instituted the annual Demons of Adoption Awards to raise a voice against adoption propaganda and the self congratulatory practices of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's annual Angels in Adoption Awards.

Until September 30 you, the reader, can nominate candidates for the sixth annual Demons of Adoption Award. After that date, PPL will post a poll where readers may vote for the nominees.

The link for nominations may be found at:

When posting, please state your nominee and a short explanation as to why this candidate has the dubious honor of winning the award.

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The Christian Post

I'd like to nominate the Christian Post, for running several mind bendingly biased articles about intercountry adoption.

A rebuttal of one of their articles can be found here. The Christian post is also actively promoting the work of Both Ends Burning and their misleading film Stuck.

Congressional Coalition for Adoption Institute

I nominate the Congressional Coalition for Adoption Institute for a "Demon in Adoption Award". This coalition is made up of Senators and Members of Congress. It ensures that our government and the adoption industry stays "in bed" together.

It uses tax-payer money to market adoption and to brainwash the masses that adoption is a "choice", kind of like going to pick out a puppy in the pet store window! Instead of using tax-payer dollars to preserve families and help women in crisis pregnancies keep their babies, they promote the sale and redistribution of children for massive profits.

Celebrate Children International

I'd like to nominate Celebrate Children Int'l (CCI), run by the infamous Sue Hedberg, and profiled in the book Finding Fernanda by journalist Erin Siegal. CCI was the mastermind and agency behind numerous illegal adoptions, and the agency of record for the stolen child Fernanda.

Because to date NO accountability of note has occurred after the publishing of the book, I think CCI *deserves* the title of Demon in Adoption, probably more than any other group or person this year.

Second the nomination of CCI

I second the nomination of CCI (Celebrate Children International) adoption agency in Florida. As per PPL files, they continued to operate and referred children even after referring kidnapped kids in Guatemala. To date, CCI and Sue Hedberg have not been prosecuted. Read for yourselves:

And a heads up, CCI operates in Ethiopia as well:

Oxygen Network

I nominate the Oxygen Network for producing the absolutely horrendous show "I'm Having Their Baby." Tasteless, manipulative, coercive, and intrusive into the lives of vulnerable women trying to cope with an unplanned pregnancy. This wrenching human experience should never have been exploited for entertainment purposes.

Adam Pertman/Evan B Donaldson Adoption Institute

I nominate Adam Pertmam/Evan B Donaldson Adoption Institute.  Mr. Pertman and the EBD consistently say one thing and do the opposite.   They claim to support unrestricted OBC access, but testify and endorse legislation that limits access with disclosure vetoes, contact vetoes, white-outs and other mechanisms to keep adoptees in the closet thereby  gutting the meaning of adoptee civil rights and (excuse me!)  the legitimacy of the movement. .  The EBD, founded by the Spence-Chapin agency,is a mainstream member of the adoption industry with a pipeline to the incurious media that doesn't question its duplicity. . EBD pretends to be the "voice of the triad" (a false relational concept  in itself), while it pushes it's own professional agenda.  Mr. Pertman and the EBD are no friends of Class Bastard.   Get out of the way and let us finish the job.

The mother of all adoption-studies

I myself am nodding like a bobble-head for this nomination, adding, AP advocates, like Adam Pertman, believe deaths and abuse in adoptive homes are rare, and yet studies to prove or disprove his theory are non-existent.

With APs like him studying and watching over the well-being of adoptees, protecting the needs and rights of children in America has become a tragic sad joke.

In agreement

Thanks for adding this, Kerry.   There is much I could have said about the EBD, but I wanted to keep the nomination short. The EBD has consistently avoided tackling big issues:  abuse, deportation, cover-ups focused, etc  on "nice" subjects--the latest being a study of the influence of the internet on adoption.  Seriously! The Institute particularly  wanted to keep the story of "Masha Allen" and her abuse out of the media.   The biggest problem I see today  is liberal reformers, reflecting  and internalizing adoption industry rhetoric,  who don't  challenge adoption practices, preferring to argue that abuse is an anomoly  that just needs" tweaked"--instead of rooted out of the whole corrupt system.

Adoption Czar - Martin Narey

That we have an Adoption Czar in the UK is despicable in the first place, but the fact that Narey loves his job sooooooo much that he's not only trying to speed up adoptions and make it easier to adopt, but also touting "The Golden Option of Adoption" and suggesting women who want to abort should abandon instead definitely means he should be top of the list:

This guy is in a position to increase the number of adoptions in the UK substantially, and he wants to do it.

He started out as running the prisons. He moved on to running Barnardos. Now he's making sure that both his previous placements stay full.

More on UK's Narey

...can be found here:


International adoption agencies and services

I nominate both Adoption Assistance, Inc. and WACAP (World Association for Children and Parents) for their role in the adoption travesty featuring Artem Justin Hansen (Artem Saveliev) and his so-called "permanent placement" with "forever mom", Torry Hansen, infamous Adoptive mother who returned her problem-child back to Russia like a pair of unwanted shoes.

Adoption servicing should go well beyond the guaranteed delivery of a child to an AP willing to pay the required fees.

No adoption service provider should leave an adopted child in the hands of an adoptive parent so unprepared for the realities of adoptive parenting, the only solution to a difficult parenting situation with a child with complex probems is child abandonment.

No adoptive parent should be stranded and kept so ill informed and unsupporetd as Torry Hansen was kept, by AAI and WACAP, two licensed adoption agencies that are not only still in business, but are still touching and affecting the lives of so many.

No adopted child deserves to go through what Artem went through -- he went from being a lost orphan, to becoming a much wanted child, to finally becoming a financial burden no one on either side of the world really wants to support his entire childhood and adult life.

Artem's adoption story reflects the worst American adoption services have to offer adoptable children and adoptive parents.

May we soon see an end to agencies like Adoption Assistance, Inc. and WACAP... where the devil is in the details.


I nominate the US State Department for their show-boating role in adoption regulation reform talks with Russia this year. Despite all appearances, the DOS has zero power when it comes to enforcing regulations established between the two signatories. And yet, the DOS was able to continue to do what it does best, and that is maintain a lucrative foreign child trade agreement, even if it means the foreign children placed in new American homes will be treated like they always have been, causing Russia's uproar and outrage in the first place.

More info

Information about Russian adoptions can be found here:  and here:

Information about the US State Department can be found here:  

Dark Demon of Utah's adoption policy's aka Mr. Jenkins

LARRY JENKINS, Utah's infamous adoption attorney and lobbyist. Who represents the adoptive parents all over the state of Utah, and is enjoying a thriving and growing adoption practice.

Larry Jenkins, who has cornered the market in preventing biological fathers, mostly from other states than the Beehive State from ever getting their children out of Utah.

Larry Jenkins, who believes that when a child that is born outside of a marriage, the FATHER, of the child does not automatically have rights to parent that child. And further that his parental rights must be determined by the courts, Utah's courts that is, and that it will be determined by the "best interest" of the child, who stays in the adoptive parents home for years before the case is concluded, thus by default, the "best interest" of the child is in the adoptive family's. And it that is not enough, adding insult to injury,,sealing the adoption forever......

The hurdles for these bio fathers are ridiculously, they must provide a detailed "parenting plan" Isn't the legal battle enough to prove that they want to an active role in their child's life!

Any pregnant women who enters the state of Utah or contacts a Utah Adoption agency should be put on trial not the father who is held in the dark like a mushroom.

Larry Jenkins has the capacity to change the Utah adoption policies, he could become a hero instead of a demon. It's time Larry.

Info on Larry S Jenkins

...can be found here:


Demons in Adoption

You might add David McConkie, an attorney for LDS Family Services and Larry Jenkins' partner in demonry. Both lobby to keep Utah laws "adoption friendly" meaning they screw birth fathers. See


I nominate Kinsolving, Troy Dunn, Pam Slaton, Search Quest, Worldwide Tracers, OmniTrace and all other so-called "professional searchers" who have for years, unchallenged and unregulated, engaged in the worst kind of vulture capitalism, price-gouging, exploitation, and manipulation, and who have made literally millions of dollars off of the pain and heartache of adopted persons and those who are searching for them, people who, for too long already, have been unfairly disenfranchised and discriminated against by the adoption industry and state laws sealing birth records. To do so unabashedly, all the while mouthing platitudes of support and lip service to adoptee rights to OBCs - their identity, family history, heritage and the identity of those to whom they are blood related - and engaging in offensive self-aggrandizing and self-promoting television programs without informing their victims that there are many search and support groups with no or minimal fees and hundreds of search angels all over the country who charge nothing and have just as great, or better, success rates, is deserving of a group Demons of Adoption Award.

Search Angels: A dubious group, indeed

I'll be honest, once I was given the amount of money I was expected to pay (in the name of "fees") required to "search" for my own BPs, red-flags went-up, and my desire to search for my first parents (and subsequent reunion?) came to an abrupt end.

[For more on Search and Reunion, go here:]

I personally believe so-called "Search Angels" are a dubious group.  This group is both singular/independent and plenty. I fear this is a group that cannot be trusted entirely because once again, too much money can be made by taking advantage of the emotions owned by many trusting and desperate adoptees "touched" by adoption. 

Something in my heart tells me smart yet "desperate" APs would agree.


Search Angels

Paid searchers cannot call themselves "Search Angels". And yes, if a "Search Angel" asks you for money, heed those red flags.

Pat Robertson

I nominate Pat Robertson of the 700 Club. Over at least the past decade, Robertson has overtly made his disdain towards adopted persons loud and clear. In the 1990's he worked to thwart adult adoptee equal access to birth certificates in Tennessee. Recently, he made statements on his television program that flippantly referred to raising transracially adopted children as dealing with the "United Nations" as well as made it clear that he thought adoptees had so many issues they were too horrifying and uncouth to be let into his home. In fact, in the same breath, he showed more fondness for his pet dog than he did for children suffering from global child welfare issues. His opinions on adoptees and adoption that he utters from his national platform are repugnant and morally reprehensible at very best.

U.S. House of Representatives

I'd like to nominate the U.S. House of Representatives for fast-tracking H.R. 1464: North Korean Refugee Adoption Act of 2011

It's often been said that congress is gridlocked due to partisan bickering, but when it comes to delivering crap, the two parties seem very well capable of working together.

This bill in effect by-passes the limited safe-guards that are in place in international adoption, to bring North Korean children to the US for adoption. At the same time, congress blocked food aid for these very children.

Key player to watch and note

It should be noted that former DOA nominee Sen. Mary Landrieu played a pivotal role in this bill. 

More on her, and the reasoning behind her nomination, can be found here:


The criminals: Mardie Caldwell; Jean Mercer; Ron Federici; Dr. Jane Aronson; Angelina Jolie

The New Islamophobia: Asra Nomani, for suggesting the "opening up" of Muslim countries to adoption, and the insinuation that Islam is "backwards" in regards to adoption.

Valerie Westfall, and "The You We Adore":

Spain, for the continuing scandal of stolen babies from the Franco era and beyond.

Argentina, for the children stolen from the Disappeared during the dictator years in that country.

Adoption scams and scandals

More on the atrocious methods used to produce infants for adoption can be found here: and here:

Information related to Argentina, specifically, can be found here:

what did Jean Mercer do to you?

Isn't she one of the very few people out there trying to put a stop to the RAD craze, holding therapy, abuse children suffer from the hands of attachment parenting? 


What did she do that was so bad? 

Her and Ron are on opposite sides.

Angry Adoptees

While I will not answer of Daniel Ibn Zayd's behalf, perhaps the following post will provide some insight  as to why some angry adoptees have had enough of both.


Federici's name has been linked to questionable theraputetic practices, and has been linked to parent educator Nancy Thomas, among others featured in some of our abuse cases. For more, review:  


I am not saying Mercer should be nominated, however, she has posted things that are offensive on her blog. Such as suggesting that adult adoptees should not openly identify with their losses as infants because it might make adoptive parents feel depressed.

Since when is it EVER appropriate to tell someone who is depressed not to voice or work on their issues because it might make someone else feel badly? Since when is it EVER appropriate for a child or someone in a "child" role in a family system to not vocalize their feelings because it might make an adult/parent feel badly? Who is parenting about---the adult or the child?

Adult adoptees are not the source, in the least bit, of any problem or poor emotional health in adoption and it's unbelievable anyone would ever make that assertion. Scapegoating adopted persons fixes nothing.

It finally happened. Someone

It finally happened. Someone nominated Jean Mercer for a Demons of Adoption Award. Mercer has consistently and courageously stuck up for the right of adopted children to be protected from unsafe, unsound, and worthless therapies promoted by “RAD” practitioners and adoptive parents, such as holding therapy and withdrawal of food. Federici has sued her a few times (she always won).

Demons of Adoption Award Nomination

I'd like to nominate Albert Lirhus in Seattle, WA. He was the adoption atty for my daughter's adoption. Not only did he tell me that he'd represent me should any problems arise and advise me not to have anyone represent me (which is unethical and impossible for him to do), but he has helped my daughter's adopters get away with abusing my daughter. The adoption itself was done illegally and he sent his social worker to me at the hospital to forcibly coerce me to sign the paperwork. He definitely deserves the Demons of Adoption Award

I still vote for

the message boards started way back in like 1997-98 as a neutral kind of thing...


they were later taken over by for profit people who changed everything and will ban anyone who doesn't have their agenda in line with their posts....

they mis-represent adoption....  they lead people in bad directions..

I nominate Nancy Verrier for

I nominate Nancy Verrier for her untested and untestable theory. It creates nothing but weepy distraction in the legitimate battle against adoption secrecy, corruption, and coercion.


We would like to nominate the FOR PROFIT Corporation named A BEAUTIFUL LIFE BEGINS WITH ANGELS OF LOVE ADOPTION AGENCY, INC. also doing business as ANGELS OF LOVE ADOPTION AGENCY, INC located at the same address as the lawfirm Johnston & Sasser Inc. : and their agents as listed here: for their involvement in the criminal conspiracy to stalk, harass, bully, and threaten the legal mother and legal father, and kidnap and batter their 3 day old newborn from the legal mother's vehicle in hospital parking lot, for the purpose of trafficking the said newborn to be sold in an illegal adoption. The kidnapping occurred in September of 2012.

South Korea

I nominate South Korea and South Korea's government for having the longest running international adoption program in the world; for not giving adequate support to single mothers...

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