Seventh Annual Demons of Adoption Award Nominations

It's that time of year again., Labor Day behind us, kids back to school, the sun no longer at its apex, time for the nominations of the Demons of Adoption Awards.

We are all too aware, our regular readers, like us, have nail-bitingly anticipated this moment all summer long. For us hard-core adoption critics, this is the highlight of the year, the defining moment of the annum.

It will be tough this time around. Over the last years we have dredged the cesspool named Adoptionland and condemned the practices of such agencies like: Bethany Christian Services and LDS Family Services, such trade associations of adoption service providers like the National Council for Adoption and the Joint Council on International Children's Services, and even showed our utmost contempt for the United States Congress. No feather weights by any means.

An important decision needs to be reached, dear Pound Pup Legacy readers. Who is the most deserving villain in Adoptionland, for 2013?  While we can think of some really deserving candidates, we want our readers to nominate and decide who eventually has the dubious honor of actually receiving PPL's 2013 Demons of Adoption Award.

You, our reader, can make your voice heard. It's in your hands now who receives the worst of all honors in Adoptionland. Until  September 30 the nomination process will be open. After that date PPL will post a poll where readers may vote for the nominees.

The link for nominations may be found at:

When posting, please state your nominee and a short explanation as to why this candidate is so deserving of this award.



I would like to nominate everyone involved in trying to ruin Veronica Brown's life, including Christy Maldonado, the Capobiancos, attorney Raymond. W. Godwin, the Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency (both the lawyer and this agency have been involved in more than one unethical adoption,) Troy Dunn, and maybe throw in Mary Fallin for good measure. And anyone else I've missed, including anyone prominent in the SC courts.

I second the motion for the

I second the motion for the demons involved in the Veronica Brown case!

i 3rd the motion!!

disgustingly and unbelievably horrific!!!!!!!

I, too, support the

I, too, support the nomination of all the players in the attempted adoption of Veronica Brown. Don't forget Nikki Haley, Trio Solutions, and five justices from SCOTUS.


I agree with the comment made by Caroline Collins!

Raymond Godwin

I nominate Ray Godwin. He has set up several different adoption agencies. Godwin is the attorney with the Baby Veronica case.

He's a graduate of Bob Jones University.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions.

Carolina Hope.

Godwin has a few other SC adoption agencies he either owns outright or has a controlling interest in.


Godwin is married to the owner of Nightlight.

The same duo is also involved in the Baby Desirai case (born May 2013) - same M.O. Mother (member of the Absentee Shawnee tribe) lived with father (non-Indian) and disappeared in her 7th month. Baby sent from OK to SC without ICPC clearance. NA not checked on delayed ICPC application. 1st prospective couple returned baby to agency once the father and tribe got involved. Baby is now with another prospective couple and Attorney Godwin is telling lies about the ICPC application - saying that the couple "waited a month". Total BS as this was the SECOND couple.

Godwin and Nightlight (Mrs. Godwin) get my vote.

Another possible case

There is a rumor that there is a 3rd Indian child case coming to light. Right now I don't know the details and if Godwin & Co. are involved. Will report back when/if I find out more.


Godwin & Co. are insisting that there was only one prospective adoptive couple and the husband had to go back to work and couldn't wait for the ICPC clearance. This couple are in their 60s (!)

The third Indian child we know of has not been born yet (due in November) but it sounds like the expectant mother is shopping around for some PAPs to bail her out of her serious financial situation.

That's all we know right now.

godwin & wife

Lorraine Dusky

Yhis is astounding but I suppose not surprising. Can you help us verify?

I also want to support this

I also want to support this nomination for everyone involved in Veronica Brown's so called adoption. This little girl has been failed by her biological mother, by an adoption agency doing an insufficient home study, by lawyers, and by 2 state supreme courts as well as SCOTUS. This case needs to be used as an example of the lack of rights that fathers have and used to change the ridiculous laws that prevent fathers from parenting their own children in the US.

I 2nd, 3rd, 4th.....all the

I 2nd, 3rd, 4th.....all the way until every number is exhausted back this nomination....and pitch up *DR PHIL* into it to :)

I 5th all the previous motions for nominations

I 5th all the previous motions for nominations for all the players involved in the Veronica Brown adoption. I feel a special sub catagory should be created for the employees and sub contractors of Trio Solutions for their "special" contributions to slandering Dusten Brown, and the Brown family to justify their means.

I want to add my name

These people are all despicable! Ripping a 4 year old from her father. I want to nominate the Supreme Court of the US as well since they can't properly adjudicate ANY case concerning Native America.


I would like to nominate everyone involved in trying to ruin Veronica Brown's life, including Christy Maldonado, the Capobiancos, attorney Raymond. W. Godwin, the Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency (both the lawyer and this agency have been involved in more than one unethical adoption,) Troy Dunn, and maybe throw in Mary Fallin for good measure. And anyone else I've missed, including anyone prominent in the SC courts. .....................................................Well put and I vote the same!

Demons of Adoption Awards

Nightlight Adoptions, et al, per the unethical Veronica Brown adoption scheme; including governors Mary Fallin and Nikki Haley.

Demons of Adoption Awards

Who else this year but the Capobiancos and their band of slimeballs!

I nominate the Capobiancos

I nominate the Capobiancos and the ilk with which they associate. Purely disgusting, and far, far too self-entitled.

Demon Nomination: Jennalee Ryan aka Jennifer Potter aka...

The Baby Veronica saga will be long over before Jennifer Potter aka Jennalee Ryan quits finding new ways to sell babies!? The notorious founder of such controversial enterprises as Aaaabagail's (sic) Silver Spoon Adoptions, Abraham's Center of Life made-to-order mail-order embryos and most recently Adoptagon, Ryan aka Potter (former partner of UT baby broker) James Webb) has reportedly adopted (and occasionally unadopted) her own chosen picks and has left a shameful trail of heartache, scandal, missing kids, lawsuits and suspicious financial transactions in her wake. (Ethical adoption workers don't have to keep changing their names, addresses and businesses, do they!?)


While it's hard to top Raymond Godwin and Nightlight (and all their associated ilk), I'll throw out Lifeline Children's Services, an evangelical Christian adoption agency who regularly assists evangelical adoptoraptors complete international adoptions when other somewhat sane agencies object. Lifeline's explicit objective is evangelism via adoption, and in fact they are working with this horrorshow to bring home a Chinese child to contrast to their whiteness as a "a constant reminder and testimony for everyone" about what good Christians they are, even though they don't really want to raise "some other person's child" or a child with special needs:

When called out online by adult adoptees, the blogger posted on Facebook that Lifeline "prayed with them" about the evil atheists and warned them this was spiritual warfare.

So though maybe not as prominent as Godwin/Nightlight, Lifeline deserves a hard look.


I was just going to nominate that blogger for being able to put absolutely everything that is wrong with adoptive parents into one post and Lifeline for even considering these people-

So everything Mooga said

Ray Godwin

Raymond Godwin and his wife Laura directly owns Nightlight Christian Adoptions, Carolina Hope, and has a controlling interest in Lifeline Children's Services, A and Chosen Child Adoption Services
In addition Godwin along with his good buddy, old pal in Thomas P. Lowndes Jr., Godwin also has his paws Christian World Adoption, SCDSS Region 1 Adoption. SC Youth Advocate Program" Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth (SAFY) of South Carolina


Nomination for Demons of Adoption Award

I hereby nominate Irish Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald, who just recently completed a visit to the US with the intent of opening up a bilateral agreement between Ireland and the US, with the US (and most particularly, the state of Florida) acting as the sending country. Thanks to increasing pressure from desperate infertile Irish couples, 'plagued' by falling numbers of available foreign-born children to snatch up (and, thankfully, nearly zero availability domestically), the Minister said she is “going to consider” possible changes to the 2010 Adoption Act to make it easier for Irish couples to adopt from a wider range of countries.

It took Ireland 17 years to ratify the 1993 Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption, longer than even the US. Minister Fitzgerald, with her proposed legislation, would set Ireland back to pre-Hague days, flying in the face of all current, reliable data on the success and legality of intercountry adoption practice. Moreover, Fitzgerald is the latest in a long line of Irish Ministers to refuse to legislate for the rights of adopted people -- both those in-country and more than 2,000 trafficked to the US and elsewhere from Ireland from the 1940s-1970s. Her priorities are clearly finding product for a 'sagging' yet desperate market. So, here's to a potential new "Irish Demon" - Frances Fitzgerald!

Related links:

Demons Nomination

I would like to nominate everyone involved in trying to ruin Veronica Brown's life, including Christy Maldonado, the Capobiancos, attorney Raymond. W. Godwin, the Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency (both the lawyer and this agency have been involved in more than one unethical adoption,) Troy Dunn, and maybe throw in Mary Fallin for good measure. And anyone else I've missed, including anyone prominent in the SC courts. Also let's add Dr. Phil The Ill to this list along with Nikki Haley, and SCOTUS

7th Annual Demons in Adoption

Hands down this year!! The Matthew and Melanie Capobianco, Troy the Stalker Dunn, Nightlight Adoption Agency and its owners/attorney Raymond W. and Laura Beauvais Godwin, their PR rep, Jessica Munday and her company, Trio Solutions, and their national fund-raising/lobbying arm Christian Alliance for Indian Child Kidnapping
By their outrageous behavior - violating gag orders, hiring PR firms, taking what should have been a private matter to the court of public opinion and peddling lies and slurs against Veronica's father on talk shows, in newspapers, "news" programs, exploiting a minor child by using her image and name to raise tens of thousands of dollars, contracting with a TV reality show producer to film her and invade her privacy (show up at her school uninvited and unannounced), demanding public officials arrest her father and "seize" her, threatening the safety and security of the Brown family to such an extent that they had to move out of their family home and into tribal housing and be provided with 24-hour security guards, and more - the Capobiancos have proven to the world that so-called "love" for this child and her safety and security are the furthest things from their minds. By their actions, they have indelibly harmed her for life. They began exposure of an innocent child for public display in such a manner that she will never know privacy and peace again. From now until forever everyone will know who and where she is. Her security has been compromised beyond repair. For these reasons and more, including the underhanded, unethical and probably illegal means in which she was abducted from OK at birth, they have forfeited any right of entitlement or possession of this or any other child, if not provided ample grounds for criminal charges and civil liability to the Brown family.

Seconding Irish Demon Nomination

The "Irish Demon" - Frances Fitzgerald brings back memories of the "Irish Solution to an Irish Problem" (In Irish political discourse, "an Irish solution to an Irish problem" is any official response to a controversial issue which is timid, half-baked, or expedient, which is an unsatisfactory compromise, or sidesteps the fundamental issue)...

It's just as non-sensical as the satire written by Jonathan Swift (A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People From Being a Burthen to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Publick)... recommending that the rich be able to eat the children of the poor, including recipes, so that they would not become a burden. Now, with fewer children & fewer poor to deal with (in 2009 there had begun a mass exodus of the Irish to the US & other countries b/c the nation itself was falling apart) the rich are free to do with children as they will. Since they can't have their own, they will now begin importing children like fine wines and showing them off like their best Setter at Westminster. How lovely!

Follow the Money Trail

I too join in nominating all those that chose to be players involved in the Veronica Brown case and to all those who without any regards to the ramifications and life long affects this will have on this child's life.


Worth reading:

Adoption Advocates International (AAI) of Washington

I nominate Adoption Advocates International (AAI) of Washington for the 2013 Demons in Adoption Award

Adoption Advocates International (AAI) WA did the homestudy, placement, and neglected the post placement reports which allowed the abuse and death of Hana and abuse of Immanuel Williams.... this happened in AAI's own back yard.. Hana and Immanuel lived a mere 130 miles from AAI's office in Port Angeles

AAI place the Williams children Hana Grace-Rose Williams (Hana Alemu Befekadu) and Immanuel Williams
AAI placed some of the Leonard children 10 children adopted by Sharon and Reed Leonard
AAI placed at least some of the Huang children (Gloria Huang adopted from Ghana, died in Qatar recently of starvation. The case is not set up yet here on PPL yet )
AAI placed a child who died of a drug overdose as is reported on Reformtalk

AAI approved the Williams to adopt 2 unrelated special needs children, even though friends have said that Carrie was always a germaphobe, was controlling, and promoted Michael Pearl's books to other families.

AAI placed those children into the home

AAI did not follow up on missing post placement reports...
A Social Worker visit might have exposed the closet with a lock, the outdoor shower, the port a pot, the lack of progress of Immanuel's sign language.
A post placement report would have noticed the lack of doctor visits, the lack of outside activities, the extreme isolation that allowed this horrible abuse to be unnoticed.
A Social Worker would have noticed the weight loss. A Social Worker would have learned Williams even stopped going to their own church....

I'll second that.

As well as seconding that nomination for Adoption Advocates International, I'd like to throw in the Williams' for the death of Hana and trying to deflect the blame.


I have to give another nomination for the systematic abuse leading to the death of Hana "Williams" at the hands of her adoptive parents, Larry and Carri Williams. She was found face down in mud, frozen and starved to death in the back yard of their isolated home. Even during the 911 call, Carri Williams blamed Hana, saying she had "killed herself". She "didn't notice" that the once thriving child lost 30 pounds, even while admitting to feeding her only frozen food and making her sleep, eat, shower and use the toilet outside. They also readily admit to striking her with various objects (ex. large glue stick) and allowing their oldest sons to "discipline" her in the same way. Why? Because she wasn't the obedient little lap dog they thought they were "rescuing" from Ethiopia. The last three years of her life were an escalating horror story.

While I abhor what the would-be adopters of Veronica Brown are doing, at least she is alive and well. There was no one to speak for Hana. No one helped her. No rallies were held for her. She died a slow and painful death, even enduring more "discipline" even while she took her last breaths. If this isn't demonic (under the guise of "Christianity") I don't know what is.

Another for Adoption Advocates International (AAI) WA

Giving another nomination nod to Adoption Advocates International (AAI) WA.
Their info and history can be found here:

For their the placement of adoption and death of Hana Grace-Rose Williams (Hana Alemu Befekadu)

The agency was negligent in observing the following that caused this child's death.

Although most of the nominees involve heinous crimes, corruption or just plain selfish stupidity, the case of Hana involves her death.
A child died because she was adopted and placed in an abusive home.

She died a cruel death, left outside, she died of hypothermia, weighing far less than when she was adopted from Ethiopia.
The child died.

Very well said about AAI (WA)

I have to agree with the above comment and I truly feel even though some cases are as stated, corrupt (Veronica Brown case, etc) or selfishly moronic (The Monahans, the Thomas Colwells, etc) we CANNOT forget that there are children who DIED post placement!

Nominating AAI as well for their negligence in placing Hana with that dimwit abusive cruel Homeschooling Christian family.

I, too, would like to

I, too, would like to nominate Adoption Advocates International (AAI) of Washington. They are demons in every sense of the word.


I'm sure the Capobiancos are leading the pack, but out in Washington state, the Williams murder trial raises many questions about the vetting process by Adoption Advocates International.

Adoption Advocates International, the adoption agency that approved Larry and Carri Williams for adoption and placed 2 older Ethiopian children with them, is not on trial. Many questions, however, have arisen about the placement process and (any) follow-up provided by the agency.

The Williams are on trial for the murder of their adopted Ethiopian daughter, Hana.

KIRO reporter Lee Stoll tweeted that jury deliberations began late this afternoon (9/5/13).

The Williams are fundamentalist Christians who follow Michael Pearl's (controversial) "To Train Up A Child" theories, but who "disciplined" Hana by shaving her head, alternately starving or feeding her frozen food/wet sandwiches; made her use a backyard port-a-john; made her sleep in the barn or in a closet, for her "oppositional behavior".
In competing testimonies, both parents pointed the finger at each other as the one who 'dreamed up' the torture discipline, altho it's evident that Carri Williams is the genuine sadist in the family. Hana's biological brother also suffered abuse at the hands of the Williams, and some of their own 7 biological children testified against them at trial.

It's a tie between the

It's a tie between the SCOTUS for their part in the attack on Dusten Brown, and the Nightlight Child Trafficking agency.

It's hard to beat

It's hard to beat Nightlight, but I'd also like to nominate Justices Roberts and Thomas for not recusing themselves as adoptive parents and for trying to decimate ICWA and destroy a little girl's life. Would also like to add the good Justice Breyer, who should have known better.

Stick with Justice Roberts.

Stick with Justice Roberts. He has two 'irish' kids adopted through another country.
one of the attorneys involved was his clerk.

Saying they should both recuse is like saying no judge who has had surgery can do a med mal case.

on an aside - doncha love Justice Sotomayer


It is hard to get around the fact that the whole sordid story around the Veronica & Dusten case and the dogs of adoption chasing around this honorable father and his beautiful daughter and the tragedy that is so triggering for all of us that lost loved ones in adoption esp. those of us that tried valiantly to keep our loved ones from being lost and failed and were against the odds. I have to go with the entire cast of motley crue characters on the opposing side complete with Gov. of the State of OK & SC.

Demons of Adoption Award

Holt started International Adoption, the manipulation of Korean mothers, the lying and stealing of Amer-Asian children, creating the myth that these children were hated and abandoned by their mothers which is still a myth into this modern day, thus creating the demand of Korean children, the searching for full-blooded children because they ran out of half-Asian kids, the advertising of children online and creating 'favorite files' to stick cute little kids into cyber-space folders to get the purchaser emotionally involved or advertising the children through their award winning magazines the making millions of dollars a year off of children through 'service fees' (yeah right) and donations (from victims themselves) until it's a multi-billion dollar industry, the owning orphanages around the world 'as if' they are concerned of the 'best interest' of children when really they are using these places as baby farms to gather children, either freshly born infants or stolen children, to sell children into the adoption ring, stripping them of their identities, labeling them as 'orphans', or 'vulnerable' or 'needy' when really the agency is 'needy' of meeting their quotas or the parents are 'needy' of a child!!!! Locking up records so we will never gain the truth of their lies and saying they are 'protecting' the mothers (yeah right you idiots!). Ultimately, Holt created an empire of child trafficking in the disguise of humanitarian work. They are the LEADERS! The explosion of expanding to hundreds of other countries to access children, the brain washing of the general public that these children are 'abandoned' when really they come from families and mothers that, and if properly supported would have kept their children and all of this pain and suffering would not be what it is today. The making up of this stupid adoption terminology that they demand we use such as 'forever families' and 'gotcha day', the manipulation of society, asking, begging and manipulating the world that they are soooo 'concern' of the well being of the 'sold products'. The making up of 'orphanhood' documents in order to ship us out by airplane in boxes from the '50s to NOW!!!! The manipulation of pastors, into making videos to advertise, advertise, advertise make the congregation adopt out of guilt guilt guilt! Gotta help the little ones because if you don't they will die....and GOD TOLD YOU TOOO! THEY WILL DIE! THEY WILL DIE! WITHOUT THE ALMIGHTY HAND OF THE ADOPTERS and JESUS CHRIST THEY WILL DIE! GOTTA GET THE MONEY FROM THE ADOPTERS! THE $60,000 FROM THE ADOPTERS....THESE KIDS WILL DIE! DESPITE HAVING MOMS IN THE HOSPITAL FRESHLY AFTER JUST GIVING BIRTH and meeting quotas! CAN'T LET THEM KNOW ABOUT THIS....JUST TELL THEM THE KIDS WILL DIE!
From Bertha's memoir:
Pg. 13 Harry writes of the “heartbreak of the mothers” who gave them their babies. “One poor girl almost had hysterics in the office. She thought she could keep track of her baby after he had gone to America. I had to tell her it is a clean break and forever. Poor girl, her baby wasn’t weaned yet and she cried and cried.”
Pg.16 April 27, 1956 Bertha writes that Harry is “plagued by devilish schemes” referring to individuals or agencies, opposing the Holts. Harry reports that “enemy forces” have distorted their work and that “young mothers are afraid to give us their babies, some even kill them” and “the King will rule in righteousness. Another tells of how a mother couldn’t speak due to trying not to cry when she brought in her five-year-old son. Harry tries to comfort by telling the mother God also gave “His only begotten Son” and that Harry would pray for her so that “she might receive His gift” (all children have been tagged “orphans” by the Holts even though they have been obtained from mothers. Harry Holt does not invite or allow the mothers to stay or to help at the compound).
Pg.18 May 8, 1956 Harry instructs Bertha to set up a separate bank account. He plans to “hire a Korean lady to travel to orphanages and to talk to the mothers” and that he tells the mothers of “God’s love for them while they nurse their babies the last time.” Harry discusses the idea of using a building on the property that belongs to a missionary/reverend. The Holts continue to receive calls from wanting American couples.
I think Bertha summed it up herself perfectly and really REALLY nominated herself: "I think God has a special place in hell for people to sell these little ones." Bertha Holt

Gladney Center for Adoption

I nominate Gladney Center for Adoption for the placement with the Shatto family that led to the death of Russian born adoptee:
Max Shatto (Maxim Kuzmin)

Gladney Center for Adoption Archives:

Second- Gladney

Seconding the nomination for Gladney. It cannot be forgotten the LONG HISTORY that Gladney Center for Adoption (based out of Texas) has in placing children from Korea, Russia, Guatemala and from the US. These programs (as per their own website) offer adoption "opportunities" in Eastern European, African, Asian and Latin American countries. Children have DIED and mothers rights have been denied over MANY MANY years! They deserve to win due to their long history in the adoption biz. How many years? 125 years in the adoption business!!! 125 years !!!!

Gladney (again)

Gladney needs to be nominated every year, whether or not they take the prize for the worst, since the field of demons seems to expand exponentially. That being said, I want to add to the previous Gladney nomination by mentioning that for many years Gladney was known for the export of U.S. born babies to foreign countries. I don't mean racially harder-to-place babies. I mean Gerber-type caucasian babies. I have proof of this. Gladney even had its own foreign auxiliary for a time - until Hague took effect.


This year is going to be hard. Every group listed here deserves the award. All of them are disgusting. All of them show the sickening realities of illegal and unethical adoptions and the hateful people who enjoy torturing and even killing heloless children. All of them show the terrible reality of what is called adoption. For that reason, I cant pick a specific group or person..... they all deserve it.


We nominate Both Ends Burning for producing the documentary Stuck and the promotional bus tour associated with this movie.

Both Ends Burning promotes a very slanted view on inter-country adoption; their focus is common for those following the evangelical orphan crusade, where the world contains 100s of millions orphans, all in dire need to be adopted. Both Ends Burning, thanks to the success and zeal of its founder Craig M. Juntunen, has the means to misinform many prospective adopters, and in-turn, increase the risk of vulnerable children in third world countries.


Good nomination. Groups like BEB are driving the demand to unethical agencies like Nightlight and Lifeline and are fueling cases like the death of Hana Williams.

Comment left yesterday

I don't see the comment here i posted yesterday. Any particular reason why?

re: Comment left yesterday

The word choice of your comment didn't fit the standards we try to maintain on this website. This page is meant to make nominations for the Demons of Adoption Awards, preferably with a good and solid explanation. It is not meant to slander people, no matter how deserving anyone may find that.

Your comment didn't contain a new nominee either, so we refrained from making it public altogether.

New nomination

After reading the new series features in Reuters, I now nominate web groups like CHASK  ( ) and their role in assisting parents to "re-home" their unwanted adopted children. It's bad enough almost anyone can be approved to adopt, and the current adoption industry still lacks a solid safe-guarding system for children. This shame should not be made worse by underground zealots who want to recreate the adoption process so it does not include criminal checks, home-studies or social worker intervention.

What is more demonic than adopting, dumping, and pretending nothing wrong took place?  A go-to website that allows adopters to dump their kids onto complete strangers, all without being charged for child abandonment. 

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois & Elizabeth Colwell-Thomas

Two nominees: I would like to nominate Lutheran Social Services of Illinois for employing social worker Elizabeth Thomas-Colwell who was formerly a licensed social worker (LCSW) in the state of Illinois. There is reason to believe that she was involved in poor practices and potentially illegal adoptions.

She provided pre-adoption training for prospective adoptive parents and introduce them to key issues related to international adoption. The training consists of ten contact hours of instruction and meets the requirements as set by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Service and the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption.

Elizabeth Thomas-Colwell adopted a kidnapped child who was sold into ICA. The child's real name is Arlene Escarleth Lopez Lopez, stolen on September 27, 2006 from Guatemala. Her mother is Olga Lopez who is pleading to have her child returned. The child was located and is residing with Elizabeth Thomas-Colwell, in Illinois under the laundered name of Cindy Colwell-Thomas.

The AP is well aware that the child was kidnapped and sold into ICA. No comments have ever been made by the Thomas-Colwell family.

APs Timothy and Jennifer Monahan

If APs who adopt kidnapped kids sold into ICA are being nominated, then the award should go to Timothy and Jennifer (Van Horn) Monahan of Liberty, Missouri.

Who knowingly pursued the adoption of a child from Guatemala that was kidnapped and who failed a DNA test with a woman who posed as her mother. The APs then found known Guatemalan Attorney Susana Luarca ( to file her case as an abandonment case. Many people involved in this kidnapping and laundering case have been arrested in Guatemala. The US issued the child a Visa (who failed a DNA test) and she entered the US. Currently living in the Liberty, Missouri with the Monahans.

Real Name of the child: Anyeli Lisseth Hernandez Rodriquez.
Laundered name: Karen Abigail.

Stolen November 03, 2006 Villa Hermosa, San Miguel Petapa, Guatemala.
Mother: Loyda Elizabeth Rodriguez Morales
Father: Danier Hernandez

REWARD OF Q70,000.00 CALL Guatemala- (502) 2413-8888 EXT 2226

The biological mother of the child since the day she was kidnapped has searched for her daughter. She has pleaded for the return of her daughter. The case was taken up by Human Rights Activist, Peace Award Winner and Attorney, Norma Cruz (Director of Sobrevientes).

A Guatemalan court annulled the adoption and ordered the child returned back to Guatemala. The Monahans have ignored that ruling but also have ignored the pleas of Anyeli's parents.

re: APs Timothy and Jennifer Monahan

The Demons of Adoption Awards are meant for organizations and people professionally associated with adoption. While the situation you describe deserves attention, we cannot accept your nomination. Adoptive parents, unless professionally involved in adoption, cannot be nominated, otherwise we would each year have a highly abuse adoptive parent receive the award.

I'll second LSSI. I sued

I'll second LSSI. I sued them and won for adoption agency negligence. Eleven year court battle. Jury of twelve found the individual caseworker and the corporation negligent.

Currently, they have two other pending civil suits according to their own annual reports and press on one of the cases in the Chicago press.

I have the court order but I see no means to upload it here as a PDF. PPL has the sixth amended complaint on this website. If I can find an email address, happy to share the trial exhibits.

Adam Pertman

I'd like to nominate Adam Pertman of the Evan B Donaldson Adoption Institute. As  the so-called "leading research, policy and education organization in its field" it really fails to keep it's eyes open to serious adoption issues; and as an informed AP and Mouthpiece, he sure comes off as a clueless idiot REMOVED from all that goes on in Adoptionland.

Second Adam

He's a sock puppet for the industry.

He's got to stop speaking for adoptees and parents who've lost children to the adoption meatgrinder.

Third - Pertman

WHY is Pertman getting paid? He does NOTHING to help adoptees post-adoption.
What is the point of having him?

Second Adam

So long as there is "openness" Pertman stands for Business as usual. With "openness" he says the proceedings won't take as long - and so not be as painful.

Demons of Adoption Nomination

I nominate the Capobiancos. Hopefully a married couple can count as one vote?

Two people who are trying to steal a child from her family who do not wish to give her up for adoption and are stooping to unbelievably low levels to do so. If they win this battle, I feel sorry for them because their "prize" will inevitable wind up hating them anyway and will be leaving their house the first chance she can get. I know I would. They are nothing more than child traffickers looking for a kid to kidnap through the most dubious of barely legal means.

Roberts for Top Demon

Lorraine Dusky
I nominate Justice Roberts, who has way too many adoption tentacles in the first and should NOT HAVE BEEN INVOLVED in the Dusten Brown/Capobianco case.

Chief Justice John Roberts who sided with four other justices isn't a disinterested jurist when it comes to adoption. He is an adoptive father and his acquisition of two children known to be Irish--via adopting them from a South American country--has raised a lot of questions. Irish law allows only people living in Ireland to adopt Irish children. They cannot be adopted internationally, as would have been the case--if not for whisking the birth mothers to a third country not bothered by prohibitions against adoption for foreigners.

There's no public record of how or why these children got to South America, but the facts suggest it was to circumvent Irish law. When The New York Times began looking into his adoptions during his appointment hearings, there were charges of "violation of privacy", as Wikipedia noted--until recently when this data was scrubbed from his Wikipedia page. Now it simply says he has two adopted children. Roberts and his wife, a lawyer with We note here that he and his wife, Jane Sullivan Roberts, married in their forties, and tried to have children but were unable to and so turned to adoption, but after several failed adoption attempts, "got lucky," according to the New York Times. Mrs. Roberts comes from an Irish Catholic family, and a source close to the Roberts family, who requested anonymity in order to discuss judicial deliberations, told The Huffington Post that the justice's wife, Jane, exercises a "heavy influence" over her husband.

Roberts is the Chief Justice and decided not to write this opinion but his hands all over it--and the matter of his Irish children where he "got lucky" is a pathetic coverup for skirting Irish law. He shut down the New York Times investigation of how he happened to adopt? Why? Because he skirted Irish law to get those kids born in another country.

There's more, you can read it at

Nomination for Demons in Adoption

I would like to nominate the The CHIFF Working Group Executive Committee

American Academy of Adoption Attorneys?, Both Ends Burning, ?Center for Adoption Policy, ?Christian Alliance for Orphans, ?Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute?, EACH?, Joint Council on International Children’s Services, ?Kidsave?, National Council For Adoption?, and Saddleback Church

For its slick marketing campaign supporting and driving legislation(CHIFF) to turn back the clock on intercountry adoptions by providing authority to USCIS and the Department of Homeland Security to bypass the Hague Convention Regulations, current US Immigration laws, and International Standards on Child Welfare. This legislation also grants the US government authority to monitor and influence Child Welfare policies in foreign countries and dictate “best interests” of children around the globe to conform with US cultural standards while expanding intercountry adoption options to US families. This includes the creation of a US government run database of orphaned and vulnerable children in all countries.


This is indeed a very serious development. This is why Pound Pup Legacy started a Facebook page to counteract this bill:

Within a few days we will present a full analysis of the bill.

Stop CHIFF article

An article about The Children In Families First Act of 2013, can be found here.

Demons: Mary Landrieu & co - CHIFF

We also nominate US Senator Mary Landrieu & co for introducing CHIFF

I nominate the Nightlight Adoption Agency

I nominate Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency and its owners and operators for their violations of the Indian Child Welfare Act and trafficking in babies. Rumor is there are 50 children from North Dakota tribes placed thru Nightlight in addition to Veronica Brown and Baby Desaray (and untold others).
Nightlight is a corporation with Laura Godwin, its CEO/director, and Ronald Stoddart as Principal Officer for tax purposes. In 2011 alone, they grossed $2,747,914. Nightlight is licensed in Colorado, California, South Carolina and in Kentucky so far. Now in two lawsuits over Native American babies they attempted to place for adoption...

Raymond W. Godwin, called an unethical adoption attorney in news reports, was the original adoption attorney for Matt and Melanie Capobianco and is also involved in this dispute called #BABY DESARAY. His wife Laura is the director of the Nightlight adoption agency that handled the Baby Veronica placement/adoption.

Read more here:


I second the nomination for Adoption Apologist Adam Pertman.

I would add the following Adoption Horror Shows:

Dr. JANE ARONSON | For keeping the fires of colonialism alive by referring to Ethiopia as "Abyssinia" while performing a similar whoring out to celebrities like Mr. Pertman.

SHARON SIMONS | Of "Mom at Last" web site fame, whose ignorance of everything except how white she wants her family to be creates a morass of Adoption Waste Sediment that will never wash away. Creator of the AdoptionApp which lets you "phone home" an awaiting child.
She was the inspiration, by the way, for this "anti-poem on anti-adoption":

MARDIE CALDWELL | The usual suspect. Still building and maintaining baby farms, which are categorized by race.

MIRANDA DEVINE | The conservative media mouthpiece of Thatcher-era familial and communal destruction, attempting to undo the barely "reformed" Australian adoption laws and demanding retractions of apologies to mothers.

PLANET HOSPITAL SURROGACY | An offense against offense. Satan himself cries when he reads this web site.

I could go on and on. But I've just ruined my day, and it's only 8:00 a.m. in the morning.

So many to choose from...

So many to choose from, so many deserving...., however, I'm going to have to go with the Successful Stealers (SS for short).  Matthew Capobianco and Melanie Duncan, Troy the Stalker Dunn, Nightlight Adoption Agency and its owners/attorney Raymond W. and Laura Beauvais Godwin, their PR rep, Jessica Munday and her company, Trio Solutions, and their national fund-raising/lobbying arm Christian Alliance for Indian Child Kidnapping and the Coalition for the Protection of Stealing Indian Children.  Throw in the two SCOTUS Judges who should have recused themselves, the GAL hired in Charleston, and both Governors.


I nominate Nightlight Christian Adoptions, Matt and Melanie Capobianco, and Christina Maldonado for their roles in taking away Veronica Brown from her real father and loving family, for their deceptive and misleading tactics, and for their unfailing ability to use the anti-father laws of South Carolina to their advantage. No one is more deserving of this year's award.

Demons of adoption award

Demons of adoption award, hands down, should go to all the key (and not so key) players in the Veronica Brown travesty!! Starting with Christy Maldonado, Melanie and Matt Capobianco, the adoption agency, their attorneys, all paid and un-paid supporters, Governor Fallin....then trickling downhill from there. I hope you have a LOT of awards to hand out as there are MANY involved in this nightmare!

Demons of Adoption Awards

I too vote for everyone involved the unethical adoption of Veronica Brown especially Nightlight Adoptions who apparently specialize in these types of adoptions.

Demons nominees

Others have already made these nominations, but I wanted to write to them specifically as the full ramifications of their actions this year haven't been elaborated on here from quite the angle I wanted to cover.

For me, this year's nominees really come down to Supreme Court Justices Thomas and Roberts along with everyone, from the marketers, to the agency, the lawyers, and the adoptive couple involved in Veronica's and the other cases slowly coming to light.

I've been writing about Nightlight, as but once example, since 2006, but they along with others in this industry have been unleashed in new and horrific ways this year by the Supreme Court's decision.

While all who have been part of this process, including the other Justices who supported this outcome are among those I consider part of this nomination, both Justices Thomas and Roberts stand out for their conflict of interest, their refusal to recuse themselves, and their cynical use of the high court towards this evisceration of ICWA. The ramifications of this decision for all First Nations families, far beyond the details of Veronica's case itself represents almost sea change in terms of how the United States stands in relation to Native kids and families.

ICWA, in 1978 represented an initial acknowledgement of the wrongdoing in how the U.S. had essentially strip mined Native communities for their children, as if plundering any other "natural resource." ICWA was designed to prevent such abuses from taking place again. In practice, ICWA was far from strong enough, not going anywhere far enough, and still Native children were removed at rates that can only be described as an institutionalized form of cultural genocide, draining tribes of their kids one case at a time.

Instead of recognizing ICWA's inadequacies and how Native children were still being commandeered, the high court shredded what little was left, leaving us in a landscape of a new open season on Tribes and their children.

Justices Roberts and Thomas due to their particular relation to adoption as an institution, that of adoptive parents had a special responsibility to step back from this case. (Roberts in particular, by focusing upon and embracing the eugenic concept of "blood quantum"/"blood politics" echoed the long and despicable racist history of how so many First Nations peoples have been objectified, dehumanized, and moved about as little more than livestock in this nation's long sad history.)

Their refusal to acknowledge their conflict of interest makes them prime candidates as nominees as they represent at the highest court in the land the tragic situation Bastards and families face every day when we interact at all levels of the system with various clerks, judges, social workers, lawyers, etc.- those with all too often hidden or hidden in plain sight motivations due to their own status as a adopters.

We are reduced to begging for justice from those who have their own stake and interest due to their own position on the adoption pentagon (

Roberts and Thomas (along with the full chain of others involved in these cases) deserve this year's nomination for two simple reasons:

1. The fact that two adoptive parents on the high court, who refused to recuse themselves, just opened the floodgates yet again to the next major boom of sovereign First Nations tribal peoples having their children sold off one by one by an industry desperate for new sources of children.

& 2. They personify the conflicts of interest inherent to the system itself that all of us must turn to, and how their presence, and the all too often hidden presence of such conflicts subverts the ability to receive an unbiased hearing at so many levels for all of us.

The hollowing out of ICWA, far beyond any specific case this year is one of the most important places to place attention, because what happened to Veronica is but the beginning. The roles of individuals in how that decision came to be, and their inherent conflicts of interest speaks t the industry and justice system as a whole, and that too, deserves tremendous attention.

Pound Pup Legacy