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Abuse caseGirls adopted by Karen and Richard Thorne Admin407509 years 2 weeks
Abuse caseAdopted sibling of Kenneth Ray Knightingale Admin381008 years 39 weeks
Abuse caseElizabeth Lisa Steinberg Admin880109 years 2 weeks
Abuse caseChildren adopted by Shirley Allen Admin191608 years 39 weeks
Abuse caseSean Paddock (Sean Ford) Admin326709 years 2 weeks
Abuse caseBoys adopted by James and Stephanie Dickinson Kerry488308 years 39 weeks
Abuse caseShawn Lowrance (Andy Mohler) Admin554809 years 2 weeks
Abuse caseGirl adopted by Aaron and Linda Mann Admin444422 years 45 weeks
Abuse caseRoberta Evers Admin344709 years 2 weeks
Abuse caseKeri Ponce Admin272908 years 39 weeks
Abuse caseTiffany Clair Admin269709 years 2 weeks
Abuse caseChildren adopted by Sandy June Linn Admin271608 years 39 weeks
Abuse caseJohn Smith Admin314409 years 2 weeks
Abuse caseChildren adopted by James and Vonda Ferguson Admin730208 years 39 weeks
Abuse caseChildren adopted by Scott Francis Admin293009 years 2 weeks
Abuse caseChildren adopted by Juan and Myra Rodriguez Admin465308 years 39 weeks
Abuse caseDominiqua Bryant Admin270909 years 2 weeks
Abuse caseGirls adopted by Juan Rodenas and his wife. Admin281008 years 39 weeks
Abuse caseKayla Erlandson Admin485709 years 2 weeks
Abuse caseChildren adopted by Richard and ? Hill Admin224608 years 39 weeks
Abuse caseTimothy Boss Admin410509 years 2 weeks
Abuse caseBoy adopted by Raymond and Lisa Sangraw Admin321908 years 39 weeks
Abuse caseHelen Gillin Admin293209 years 2 weeks
Abuse caseChristine Montalbano Admin288808 years 39 weeks
Abuse caseCassandra Killpack (Autumn Blackwell) Admin949631 year 19 weeks

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