Help a Needy Child International (HANCI)

HANCI’s Vision is a world where every child has the opportunity to grow up to full potential within the love and security of a family.

Historical Background

HANCI was started in 1994 by a group of Sierra Leoneans in order to provide shelter and care for children orphaned by the war and whose relatives could not be found at that time. Its sole aim was the facilitation of an enabling environment for the proper up bringing of children orphaned by war, and abandoned and neglected children of Sierra Leone.

Initially HANCI started working with only twenty-four children who were separated from their parents as a result of the rebel invention on Kono, a diamond rich district in the Eastern province of Sierra Leone. During these trying times HANCI’s work was concentrated around the northern headquarter town of Makeni until the war was declared over.

HANCI continued its work throughout the war without stopping and now works in five parts of Sierra Leone: Freetown, Makeni, Kamakwie, Bo and Mattru.

HANCI continues to operate as a national organisation without regional bias.

At the moment HANCI is registered with the Ministry of Social welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs and with the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning and has gained a national recognition in the area of working with teenage girl mothers and street children.

Just recently, HANCI and her partners Hope and Homes for Children UK have decided to move from war-centered services to post war developmental programs. This shall come into full effect in 2007 with community development projects, empowering of girl mothers, and continued support to vulnerable children in the Sierra Leone. All residential programs shall be closed down and the few children still in residence reintegrated into their communities.
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