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Every lost pup has it's own story and no two stories or endings are the same. Lost pups know about the unwritten foundation that is common among all the lost pups. Can everybody understand that foundation? Not likely, even for us lost pups, it's not truly understood. How can something so simple be known but not understood?

Where do lost puppies begin to search and what do they search for? Torn between finding themselves and surviving. Normal pups when searching, search in the brightest of light in the plushest of lawns, gaining confidence and identity. Lost pups must search in the darkness of night, afraid to take even the smallest scraps, easily jumping at the chance to call something their own only to loose it at the crack of dawn. Each day they are torn between the search for identity or their past. Can the journey start for one without the knowledge of the other? Which must come first in order to start the other? Downtime is the lost pups Achilles heal. Watching the outside world move about their day with happiness, fulfillment and purpose creates a sense of retreat back into the safety net of darkness. As normal pups grow to play in the clear meadows with bright blue skies and gentle breezes. Lost pups remain underground, blending in with their environment.

Even if the lost pup is rescued, it will never trust completely. It is always reminded of the scars it received while underground and asks, why was I chosen. Grateful to be rescued only to learn they will not be staying in the house. Grateful to be rescued only to be easily trampled upon and used. Why do the pups want to be rescued? Because it's our nature to want a better life. But is it really?


New Tricks for Old Dogs

Rob... the trick is to learn how to Lick the Wounds clean, yourself, and not expect the hands of another to heal the injuries losing Mommy had on You.

You NEED a Good Woman; but she can only help you once you have bled yourself to that near-death point of No More Returns to The Abyss.

KEY point: there is NO PILL made by man made to fill the void Separation Anxiety has produced its Real Traumas we wear inside our bleeding souls.

Listen to the Sound of Reason... whatever you do, Beware of the dangers of pill-pushing pimps.

ahhh yes, but...

What I feel I need is a good woman who makes it past the checklist. She must not know what I've been through but listens to what I've been through, sit in silence with me and help me nuture myself. I've had the controlling emotional stifening(sp), degrading type. I'm done with that. Pups have visions of how they see themselves and where they want to be. I must regain my self confidence to get there and hopefully there is a wonderful lady out there that will want to ride along.

I understand your points and I feel that I have bled myself to the near death point. For the last four or five years, I have bled. Walking around in a haze, following the crowd and the master. I want to walk in my own crowd. I want to show two individuals that there CAN be a happy relationship. I want to show them that they do not have to go through life following someone elses wishes and dreams only to put their own flame out.

Thanks for listening....

sit. Beg. Stay... it's what We DO!

There's one Reality you MUST recognize. Birds of a feather flock together. If you do not WANT or NEED the Deer in Headlights Look, you need to find yourself a fellow Mutt.

Seek your Own Kind, True Love you will find.

Pound Pup Legacy