Dominican Republic - "Monde-Enfant"

In the 1980s, at least 200 children were separated from their families for Quebec parents by an organization that was set up by a network of Quebec missionaries and adoptive parents. Their parents, all very poor, didn't necessarily understand international adoption. In many cases, they were lured with the false promise that their children would come back to save them from their misery once they had received an education and become wealthy. Luce Pelletier, an adoptive mother who was organizing adoptions and who would soon become the director of the Quebec adoption agency Monde-Enfant, walked through the villages to in search of families in such a way that the number of children that were adopted from the region of Hato Mayor doubled or tripled.
Date: 2015-09-01
Number of children: 200


Hato Mayor del Rey
Dominican Republic
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The Dominican children given up to Quebec's 'adoption machine’2015-09-21

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