Christian World Adoption (CWA)

Organization type: Adoption Agency
Founded: 1991-03-14
Terminated: 2013-01-01
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People working for or related to this organization
PersonPositionCountryFromsort iconTo
Robert HardingCFO
Emily BeddingfieldEmployed by
Gary CohenFacilitator forUkraine2002-12-31
Ato Dagne GezahegneRepresentative
Curtis BosticAttorney for
Kerry Marks-HasenbalgDirectorRussian Federation2001-01-01
Marie LaTrace (aka Agnes LaTrace aka Tuyet LaTrace aka Kim Lien)Facilitator for
Wendy CosbyAdoption coordinatorRussian Federation2000-01-01
Enrique Gonzalez Rodriguez (lawyer)Facilitator for
Mirella Gonazales de Werner (lawyer)Facilitator for
Oscar Ademar Robles (lawyer)Facilitator for
Tomilee HardingExecutive Director2005-12-31
Lynn RathbunBoard member2003-12-31
Mai Ly LaTraceEmployed by1995-01-011997-01-01
Jose LuisFacilitator for1998-01-01
Luis Armando Gonzalez (lawyer)Facilitator for2006-01-01
Tomilee HardingCEO2006-01-01
Oscar Roman Marquez (lawyer)Facilitator for2007-01-01
Serge ZevleverFacilitator for2007-01-01
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Organizations this is organization is related to
Organization1AsOrganization2CountryFromsort iconTo
Christian World Adoption (CWA)FacilitatesHands Across the WaterRussian Federation
Christian World Adoption (CWA)FacilitatesAdoption Alliance (CO)Ethiopia
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Member ofSouthern Piedmont Adoptive Families of America, Inc.
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Umbrellas forYunona USA2006-00-00
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Participates inHope for orphans
Christian World Adoption (CWA)FacilitatesSunny Ridge Family CenterUkraine
Christian World Adoption (CWA)FacilitatesVilla Hope International AdoptionEthiopia
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Member ofJoint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Member ofNational Council for Adoption (NCFA)
Christian World Adoption (CWA)FacilitatesAdoption Alliance (CO)Kazakhstan
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Umbrellas forSunny Ridge Family CenterRussian Federation
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Participates inThe CoMission for Children at Risk
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Provided grant toChristian World Foundation2002-01-012004-12-31
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Provided grant toChristian World Foundation2005-01-012007-12-31
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Provided grant toChina Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA)2005-05-30
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Provided grant toChina Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA)2005-11-02
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Umbrellas forBuilding Blocks Adoption Services Inc.2008-00-00
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Organizations that are related to this organization
Organization_1AsOrganization_2CountryFromsort iconTo
Christian World FoundationSponsor ofChristian World Adoption (CWA)
AMREXFacilitatesChristian World Adoption (CWA)
Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MOWA)AccreditedChristian World Adoption (CWA)
Precious StonesEndorsesChristian World Adoption (CWA)
Children's Cross ConnectionFacilitatesChristian World Adoption (CWA)
Software for Adoption Management LLCProvides services forChristian World Adoption (CWA)
Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAB) PhilippinesAccreditedChristian World Adoption (CWA)
Forever Families (TX)EndorsesChristian World Adoption (CWA)
Hope for the WorldFacilitatesChristian World Adoption (CWA)2003-12-31
Christian World Adoption SC officeLocal office ofChristian World Adoption (CWA)
terrymeeuwsen.comListsChristian World Adoption (CWA)
China Women Travel ServiceCooperates withChristian World Adoption (CWA)2005-12-31
China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA)AccreditedChristian World Adoption (CWA)
Project FaithFacilitatesChristian World Adoption (CWA)1995-01-01
China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA)FacilitatesChristian World Adoption (CWA)2005-01-01
U.S. State DepartmentAccreditedChristian World Adoption (CWA)2008-04-012013-03-31
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OrganizationLinkCountryFromsort iconTo
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Operates inEthiopia
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Operates inGuatemala
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Operates inParaguay1991-00-00
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Operates inChina1993-01-01
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Operates inBolivia1994-01-01
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Operates inEcuador1994-01-01
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Operates inEl Salvador1994-01-01
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Operates inRussian Federation1994-01-01
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Operates inVietnam1994-01-01
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Operates inColombia1994-01-01
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Operates inMexico1998-01-01
News paper articles, official documents and reports filed about this organization
DocumentDatesort icon
Carrie West's story
CWA is incorporated as a for-profit in SC (dissolved 1/93)1991-03-14
CWA is incorporated as a non-profit in SC1993-01-07
Adopted children find love1994-12-11
Breach of Trust Complaint filed against Mai-Ly Latrace by CWA1995-05-24
Agencies offer help with adoption [China]1996-02-25
Couples Wait With Empty Cradles / As adoptions stall, agencies taken to court 1997-01-05
CWA is registered in NC1998-12-16
The best gift under the tree 1998-12-25
Russian children feel emotional hunger1999-01-01
Some say, `Let them die in Russia'1999-01-01
That's Our Boy!2001-06-17
Vietnam adoption nightmares2002-09-17
CWA IRS-990 2002, 2003, 20042004-12-31
In Shadow Of Adoption 2005-08-21
Preying on Parents 2005-10-01
Christian World Adoption By laws 2005 & 20072007-05-31
Surge in Adoptions Raises Concern in Ethiopia 2007-06-04
Efficient adoptions attract U.S. couples to Ethiopia2007-06-04
CWA IRS-990 2005, 2006, 2007, 20082007-12-31
Stoll v Christian World Adoption - Complaint and Jury demand2008-07-25
CWA - STOLL Anwers Jury2008-09-10
Stoll v Christian World Adoption - Transcript2009-06-07
Fly Away Children2009-09-15
Fly Away Children2009-09-15
Ethiopian children exploited by US adoption agencies2009-09-15
Response to Christian World Adoption Statement2009-09-16
Christian World Adoption Statement2009-09-16
Villa Hope Ethiopia program2009-10-12
Sunny Ridge Family Center - Ukraine program2009-10-21
Sunny Ridge Family Center - Russian program2009-10-21
Boe v Christian World Adoption - GAL request2010-01-14
Boe v Christian World Adoption - Complaint2010-01-20
Boe v Christian World Adoption - Order2010-01-22
Boe v Christian World Adoption - Petition and order2010-01-26
Fly Away Home2010-02-03
Child: U.S. Adoption Agency Bought Me2010-02-15
News stuns Chesapeake couple adopting Ethiopian kids2010-04-19
Acacia Village Update | October 20122012-10-01
Asheville area adoption agency closing, citing woes abroad2013-02-11
CWA closing letter on website2013-09-18
Child trafficking cases
Child trafficking cases and the role this organization played.
Titlesort iconRole
Ethiopia - misc child trafficking casesAdoption agency
Ethiopia - Johnson siblingsAdoption agency
Ethiopia - Journee, Meya, and Maree BradshawAdoption agency
Vietnam - Mai-Ly Latrace/Project Faith caseAdoption agency


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