Tedi Bear Adoptions, Inc. China Adoption Program

Date: 1999-08-28

Tedi Bear Adoptions, Inc.
China Adoption Program

Mission Statement
At Tedi Bear Adoptions, Inc. (TBA), we believe that every child deserves the love and security of a permanent family. With God’s direction, we assist you, our clients, through the process of adoption; with honesty, integrity, and compassion beyond the customary.

TBA is very excited to offer a China program! Due to many circumstances, the People’s Republic of China has many infant girls available for adoption, as well as older children, boys, and children with special needs. It is our sincere desire to provide homes for as many Chinese children as possible.

Program Director
Our Program Director for China is Patty McLaughlin. Patty has long had a heart for the nation of China and has been involved in the Chinese community for years. Additionally, Patty and her husband, Mike, have four children, two of whom are girls adopted from China. As an adoptive mother herself, she will be working very closely with you during the adoption process.

Adoptive Parent Requirements
As of April 1, 1999, recent ammendments to China’s adoption law will go into effect. You must be at least 30 years of age, and single or married couples may adopt a child from China. Families with children will also be eligible to adopt a nonspecial needs child as of April 1, 1999.

Children Available
Currently, the children who are available to be adopted are between the ages of infant to thirteen years (primarily girls). The majority of children live in orphanages. However, some may have been placed in foster care.

Travel Time
Generally, 2 weeks in China. One parent is required to travel. Travel usually happens 6 to 8 weeks after referral, however, time frames fluctuate according to events, reorganizations, etc. within China, and specifically within the CCAA (China Center for Adoption Affairs).

TBA and China Country Fees

The cost for adopting a child from China, through Tedi Bear Adoptions, Inc., is approximately $17,000.00. We try ver hard to keep costs as low as possible and there are many variables in the cost as well. Occasionally, there are increases in the fees and you will be informed of these if they occur, as soon as we are made aware of them. Below is a fee schedule figured to the best of our ability, based on current information. Since there are variables (where you stay in China, cost of airline tickets, how many travel) it should be considered a close approximation.

TBA Application Fee $500.00 (non-refundable)
TBA Agency Fee $3,500.00 (non-refundable)
Homestudy Fee $1,500.00 (TBA fee - others sources may vary)
China Program Fee $1,550.00 (due when dossier is completed and ready to be sent)
Client Paid U.S. and
China Government Expenses
INS Approval (I 600 A application form) $405.00
Fingerprinting $25 (per adult in household)
Documentation Notarization Verification $200.00 (varies by state, estimate)
Chinese Consulate Document Authentication $385.00 (varies by # of documents)
China Entry Visa $ 60.00
China Adoption Center $565.00
(dossier translation, translation approval fee, processing- due when dossier is completed and ready to be sent)
China Children’s Welfare Institution Donation $3000.00
China Provincial Notary fees $500.00
China Provincial Registration Fee $200.00
(provinces may have a registration fee for child officials traveling to your hotel)
China Infant Passport and Exit Permit $100.00
Infant Medical Exam and Photos $ 60.00
Infant Visa and Photos $230.00 (INS I 600, U.S. Consulate, Guangzhou)
Travel Estimates
Travel to/from China $3000.00 (2 people)
Travel within China $500.00
Accommodations within China $750.00
Interpreter Guide $500.00
Infant Airfare $120.00
If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to call Tedi Bear Adoptions, Inc. (904) 280-0061. Additionally, we have great parent references that may be of help to you. New Adoptive Parents are always willing to assist you with their adventures in the adoption process and can offer their own personal tips. Thank you for your interest in our China Program. We hope to be of assistance to you.


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