Parsons’ parents leave their Rowan County home

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Date: 2013-08-28

By Tony Burbeck

SALISBURY – The parents of missing Rowan County teen Erica Parsons packed up and moved out of their Salisbury home Tuesday afternoon.

Casey and Sandy Parsons did not talk about the move, but their attorney says it is because they are tired of all the attention they've been getting since their older son reported Erica missing nearly a month ago, but nearly two years after she was last seen at the house.

Neighbors say the load up and move out process started last night with about a dozen trips, which lasted about a half an hour each.

A big U-Haul with what appeared to be the final load left around 2 p.m. Tuesday.

"Just tired of the attention," said family attorney Carlyle Sherrill.

That, plus a 12 hour long search of the family home looking for clues to Erica's disappearance, neighbors who put their own fake "for sale" signs up regarding the Parsonses' house, gawkers who park on the side of the road and a desire to be left alone are additional reasons why, Sherrill said.

"They're tired of ya'll, too," he said, referring to the media camping out next to Casey and Sandy's home on Miller Chapel Road in Salisbury.

The U-Haul went north on I-85, over the Yadkin River bridge and kept going to the Fayetteville area near Pope Air Force Base.

The exact destination, or who the family is staying with, is unknown, but a relative who doesn't want to be identified says they could be staying with a boyfriend of one the Parsonses older children.

Some neighbors are happy to see them go, saying it's been a month-long distraction filled with unsettling allegations by investigators and other family members that Casey and Sandy Parsons verbally and physically abused Erica before she disappeared.

Erica's parents deny those allegations and say Erica left home to live with her biological grandmother, an elderly woman named Nan, who they say they met several times and trusted to take care of Erica.

Investigators say that story isn't true.

Rowan County deputies know the Parsons moved out and plan to stay in touch with them and their attorney.


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