Casey and Sandy Parsons move from home they shared with missing teen

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Date: 2013-08-28

By Shavonne Potts

They moved out of the home they shared with teen Erica Lynn Parsons, who hasn’t been seen in Rowan County since November 2011 and was reported missing July 30 by her adoptive brother James.

It’s also the home where local, state and federal agents served search warrants earlier this month looking for clues about Erica’s disappearance.

Sandy Parsons, Erica’s adoptive father, and two others were seen loading a moving truck, their personal truck and minivan. His wife, Casey Parsons, did not appear to be at the home.

A spokesman for the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office said investigators are aware the Parsonses — who have been under scrutiny but have not been charged — are moving and will remain in contact with them through their attorney. The Sheriff’s Office, SBI and FBI continue to investigate.

On Tuesday, the family could be heard talking loudly inside the house at 218 Miller Chapel Road. At one point, daughter-in-law Kayla took cell phone pictures of the media gathered across the street.

Pulling a U-Haul truck out of the driveway, Sandy Parsons made a wide turn and nearly struck reporters positioned across the street. He then began yelling at the reporters.

A neighbor said he was happy to see Parsonses move if it meant the constant spotlight would be taken off his community, but he declined to be interviewed.

Sandy and Casey Parsons have maintained that Erica, who would be 15 now, went to live with her biological grandmother Irene “Nan” Goodman in Asheville. Investigators have been unable to verify that Goodman exists, and other family members say she doesn’t.

Christina Goodman, a niece of Erica’s biological father Billy Goodman, told the Post there was a grandmother named Chloe, but she died in 2005.

Family members including Casey’s sister, Robin, have told law enforcement they saw Casey beat Erica. Casey and Sandy have denied the abuse allegations.

Robin also told law enforcement Casey brought Erica to live with her for about eight months because she “couldn’t stand to look at her,” according to search warrants.

Investigators searched the Miller Chapel Road home Aug. 14 and seized a number of items, including red-stained flooring and drywall they are testing for blood. The results of those tests have not been released.

A week later Rowan investigators searched a shed behind the home of Sandy’s father, William Steve Parsons, at Sutton Road in China Grove. Search warrants said investigators collected a hammer, vacuum parts, teeth and other items. The warrant also said only two people had access to the shed — Sandy and Casey Parsons.

The couple’s youngest children, Toby, 7, and Sadie, now 9, were removed from their home two days after law enforcement began looking into Erica’s disappearance and placed with Casey’s mother, Shirley Stone. The children remained with Stone after a custody review hearing last week.

The story has gained national attention. The couple were featured on the “Dr. Phil” show more than a week ago. Sandy and Casey Parsons told talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw they had nothing to do with Erica’s disappearance. Sandy Parsons failed a lie detector test on the show. Casey Parsons didn’t take one.

More than 100 people attended a candlelight vigil Friday night at a neighbor’s house. Sandy and Casey were not there, but Sandy’s brother, Scott, did attend. Erica’s biological mother, Carolyn Parsons, also attended the vigil. A second vigil has been postponed to Sept. 1 in front of the Rowan County courthouse.

This week digital billboards went up in the Charlotte area featuring a photo of a younger Erica and an age-progressed image showing what she might look like now.

A phone call to the couple’s attorney, Carlyle Sherrill, was not immediately returned. Sherrill’s office said the attorney was busy with a federal case Tuesday afternoon.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Erica Parsons is asked to contact the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office at 704-216-8700.


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