Polygraph expert: Sandy Parsons ‘strongly deceptive’

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Date: 2013-08-21

By: Shavonne Potts

A polygraph expert says Sandy Parsons, the adoptive father of missing teen Erica Parsons, was “strongly deceptive” to questions he asked the father during a taping of the “Dr. Phil” show which is set to air later today.

Sandy Parsons and his wife Casey taped the show along with their attorney Carlyle Sherrill last week in California. Casey Parsons reportedly did not take a lie detector test.

The couple talked with talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw about Erica, who has been missing for nearly two years. Sherrill’s secretary said he was not giving interviews today, even though he was interviewed on camera earlier today by WBTV news.

The talk show aired part one of its two-part special on Tuesday. The second part will air at 4 p.m. today on WSOC-TV channel 9.

Erica was first reported missing on July 30 by her adoptive brother, James. The couple say they are not concerned because Erica is safe with her biological grandmother, Irene Goodman.

The couple told the Post they met the grandmother, whom they call “Nan,” at a Mooresville McDonalds a few times. They said Erica wanted to stay with her grandmother instead of returning home, so they let her.

The Parsonses say they have had no contact with their daughter or the grandmother since a telephone conversation in early 2012.

The polygraph expert, Jack Trimarco, said he asked Sandy Parsons two questions and fully explained the questions. Trimarco told Dr. Phil he considered the father deceptive to both questions. Trimarco asked Sandy Parsons if he deliberately caused Erica’s disappearance and if he had a plan to cause her disappearance.

According to a Charlotte Observer article, Sherrill told Dr. Phil he believed Sandy may have misunderstood the questions.

Earlier today, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released an age-progressed photo of what Erica Parsons might look like at 15 years old.

The story has gained national attention and has been aired on HLN’s “Nancy Grace” and “Dr. Drew On Call,” which featured a panel of experts and a friend of Erica Parsons.


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