Documents: Adoptive mother told investigators Erica Parsons went to Asheville

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Date: 2013-08-15

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. —Search warrants revealed more details on where Erica Parsons’ adoptive mother told investigators the teen went to Asheville.

Since last week, investigators have been saying they believe the Parsons were lying about where Erica went in November 2011 and whom she went with.

Channel 9 learned their suspicions grew after their initial interview with Sandy Parsons and other family members.

Rowan County Sheriff’s detectives first interviewed Sandy and Casey Parsons two weeks ago, after Erica’s adoptive brother, James, first reported her missing.

According to the search warrant, investigators said the Parsons told them they took Erica to Asheville to live her biological grandmother, Irene “Nan” Goodman.

Deputies said Sandy Parsons claimed she had first made contact with Goodman through Facebook, but when they asked Parsons to show them Goodman’s profile they said Sandy couldn’t find it.

Detectives said the Parsons also told them their now 18-year-old daughter, Brook, went along with them on the trip.

But investigators said when they interviewed Brook, she denied that story and told them she was at the Parsons’ home in Salisbury babysitting.

One neighbor told Channel 9 he found it odd nobody reported Erica missing until recently because he had first met Casey and Sandy Parsons when they were scouring the neighborhood for a missing dog.

“It’s kind of strange, that you’re concerned about a puppy being missing and they have got a daughter missing for a couple years, and they are out searching for it,” said neighbor Rick Jackson.

According to the warrants, the only other time Erica allegedly left the family home was for an 8-month stay with a relative.

During that time, witness told investigators Erica was happy, health and finally gaining weight.

But according to the documents, Casey Parsons eventually brought Erica back home because she was afraid she would stop receiving adoption payments from the state.


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