Rowan Co. investigators add $10K to reward in Erica Parsons case

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Date: 2013-08-21

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —The Rowan County Sheriff's Department has added $10,000 to the reward for any information on Erica Parsons whereabouts.

The reward will be added to the $5,000 Dr. Phil is already offering in the case, putting the total reward at $15,000.

Channel 9 received new search warrants in the Erica Parsons case Wednesday evening.

In the warrant a Rowan County detective said it was the initial search at the Parsons’ home in Salisbury last week that led them to search a second location Wednesday afternoon.

Investigators said when they didn’t find any evidence Erica lived in the Parsons home and realized all of her personal effects had been removed from the house; they believed Casey and Sandy Parsons “knew Erica would not be returning.”

Detectives said that belief led them to a storage shed in China Grove Wednesday afternoon.

The red storage barn is on the property of Sandy Parsons’ father William.

But investigators said only Casey and Sandy had access to the shed and that they kept it locked.

Investigators said they pulled several items form the shed including a videotape and school records belonging to Casey and Sandy.

Detectives said they also seized a hammer and teeth, though provided no details on who or what those teeth belong to.

Authorities said they also took parts of a vacuum from the shed, including a filter, a vacuum pad and a container.

Polygraph expert: Erica Parsons' father was 'strongly deceptive'

While millions hear the story of missing 15-year-old Erica Parsons for the first time, the lawyer hired by Casey and Sandy Parsons is no longer taking interview requests.

The decision to stop talking to the media comes after a two-part series on the "Dr. Phil" show where the couple tried to clear their name.

But on Wednesday, Dr. Phil revealed Casey did not take a polygraph test and Sandy failed one.

Sheriff's investigators are reviewing the Parsons' statements made during the national TV interview.

Officials told Channel 9 they have received hundreds of calls about Erica since the first part aired Tuesday.

But detectives said they can't confirm if they will be able to use the polygraph results as evidence in their investigation.

The Parsons made a promise on national television for millions to see – an agreement to take the polygraph administered by a former FBI agent.

But hours later, Dr. Phil's producers said, Casey Parsons complained of extreme pain and did not take the test.

They offered to have her rest at the hotel and take the test later, but she declined.

Sandy Parsons did take the polygraph, but according to Dr. Phil, he failed it.

Even the Parsons' lawyer admitted to Dr. Phil the couple's story just doesn't add up.

"There's certainly a hole in it. The person that they think is Nan evidently does not exist, according to law enforcement," said attorney Carlyle Sherrill.

In Wednesday's interview, the Parsons revealed new details about Nan Goodman, the woman they said is Erica's biological grandmother.

Casey said when they handed Erica off for a visit to Asheville, Goodman had purchased all new clothes for Erica.

"So she didn't take her suitcase?" Dr. Phil asked.

"No," Casey Parsons said.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released an age-progression picture of what Erica might look like today.

The photo is a tool investigators said they could use in the nationwide search for her.

Channel 9 called Sherrill multiple times Wednesday and stopped by his office to ask about the polygraph results, but it appears he is no longer talking to the media.


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